Is the NJ Lottery necessary?

Cannot escape the NJ Lottery at all

Just a little update here. I’m still quite amazed at how you can “gamble” with the NJ Lottery practically everywhere now. They’re pulling out all the stops. Supermarkets. Convenience stores. No shortage of places to spend your money.

And it’s not even just scratch-offs anymore. You can play the “numbers games” at some of the advanced kiosks now too!

The sad thing is – that each and every time I run into one of these machines – someone is depositing money in them. But the state doesn’t care if they make it easy for problem gamblers – because they “did their part” by putting the 1-800-Gambler hotline on the back of each ticket. Responsibility no more!

NJ lottery is everywhere in New Jersey - Is the NJ Lottery necessary?

State run games of chance – is the NJ Lottery necessary?


The more you think about it – the more you realize state-run “games of chance” are just bad. And the question for the day is “Is the NJ Lottery necessary?”

For one, in case you didn’t know – the NJ Lottery (and other states) have been unveiling new games faster than ever. Back in the day, we just had a couple games (pick 3, pick 4, pick 6). And “scratch off” tickets started in 1975.

Now we have pick 3, 4, (now twice a day) pick 5 (daily), and pick 6 (twice a week). Along with multi-state Powerball and Mega Millions, along with around 100 different instant scratch off tickets. The state has also peddled annual “raffle” tickets which sold for like $10. And now just this year, the state has announced the twice-weekly cash-for-life drawing, as well as a dopey new Monopoly Millionaire weekly drawing.

This, on top of rapidly expanding the number of places you can buy tickets (like vending machines at supermarkets), and now once-wholesome places like CVS and Rite Aid! Why are they expanding this empire at such a breakneck pace all of a sudden? Something wrong in Trenton?

is the NJ Lottery Necessary yeah right - Is the NJ Lottery necessary?

Gambling is a psychological way to steal money

Think about this. Nearly $3 billion dollars is spent on lottery tickets in New Jersey every year. Around half of that is “won” back by players. So in other words, it’s an idiot tax (and I’m guilty of being an idiot myself).

Sure, they say that money goes to fund “important” things! You know, stuff that the already ridiculous property taxes, gas taxes, tolls and other “hidden” fees that this state TAKES from you – does NOT pay for!

Stuff like almost $200 million for mental wards, another $200 million for college grants, and $60 million for colleges for their “operational costs,” (as if tuition didn’t cover that?)

To put it more simply – it’s over a billion dollars taken OUT of the local economy and funneled to the STATE economy. And not even to fix roads or lower tolls or taxes!

Heck, with those kinds of “Vigs,” you’re better off at casinos online at, or an online fantasy sports site like Fan Duel or Draft Kings.

is the NJ Lottery Necessary yacht - Is the NJ Lottery necessary?

Asbury Park Press “Investigation” on lottery discounters

Earlier this week, I read this horrible (I mean absolutely horrible) story, a low-blow “investigation” by the Asbury Park Press of people who (in their words) “scam the system” by selling winning lottery tickets to “discounters” who pay around $0.80 per dollar to claim the prize for someone else.

This story the APP did was wrong all ALL COUNTS.

They claim people did this so they didn’t have to pay their obligatory “child support” fees, or other court-ordered payments or taxes.

APP LOTTERY VIDEO LINK - Is the NJ Lottery necessary?

What truly bothers me about this “busy body” investigation is that in a free market people should have the right to DO WHAT THEY WANT with the ticket. And making the names of winners “public” just allows these shitheads from the news media to invade the privacy of others. For absolutely NO BENEFIT TO ANYONE.

If selling the ticket at a “discount” (and losing some of the prize) is what they want to do – then so be it. These guys aren’t “deadbeats,” they just CHOOSE not to fund or pay for some kind of thuggery from the state. Why is the state (and these liberal assholes at the Asbury Park Press) so fucking concerned with who claims the money? The state gets their MASSIVE share of this financial scam already. They want their billion AND want to control the “low-hanging fruit” in the process. How fucked up is that?

And the fact that the APP is parroting this as “bad,” is just a sign that NEWS is total bullshit. It’s become a lynch mob against the freedom of ordinary people. Why the APP even investigated this is sad. They’re just feeding the “fair share” socialist crowd, and knowingly so.

Anyone that finds “a better way” around this stupid “system” should be applauded and encouraged. But a better question would be…

Can we just dump the whole lottery altogether?

Gambling is considered a very bad vice. The “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” is not reality. Go to any ghetto and look at all the people playing the lottery with the pocket money they have. Sure all it takes is a “dollar and a dream” – but your odds are minuscule, and the pool of “big winners” is puny and has practically ZERO impact on the general well-being of society as a whole. While the number of degenerate gamblers, “anonymous” support groups far outnumbers the positives for all of us.

So what would happen if the lottery just “went away” (under the same premise of my “Twilight Zone” post a few days ago)?

  • Would the state, now $1 billion “poorer” find a way to turn this from “voluntary contribution” to a “mandatory confiscation?” Or would we just let those so-called “beneficiaries” of this cash fend for themselves?
  • Would the $1 billion more in the local economies and businesses actually help the state overall?
  • Or would these “gamblers” just find another way to squander their money?

I say get rid of it all – and get back to doing more productive things with our time, rather than hoping for a “Get rich quick” outcome. I think overall, we’d all be better off – and stronger to boot.

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Monopoly game is over after Christmas.


Well, at least state lotteries provide a means of recapturing a portion of welfare dollars that would otherwise go down the drain.


States and cities don’t approve of anything black market b/c they can’t monitor and rob you.