Sinatra’s 99th Birthday

Frank Sinatra’s 99th Birthday Bash at Little Town NJ

While odd to call it Frank Sinatra’s 99th Birthday (since he’s dead), he would have been 99 years old this Friday, December 12th. And Little Town NJ (310 Sinatra Drive) is celebrating his legend.

Frank Sinatra 99th Birthday Party Bash Hoboken NJ - Sinatra's 99th Birthday

“Rat pack” boozing in Hoboken

Little Town New Jersey will host the 99th Annual Frank Sinatra Birthday Bash in Sinatra’s hometown of Hoboken, NJ. The event will be a musical celebration of the life and artistry of Sinatra and will feature music by swing musician, Eric DeLauro, a former winner of Hoboken’s Sinatra Idol contest. Partygoers are invited to celebrate the musical legend’s 99th birthday “Rat Pack style” as they sing-a-long with DeLauro and enjoy themed cocktails and food.

Call (201)716-7070 to make reservations.

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