Who likes Guitar Hero?


Guitar Hero in Hoboken tonight

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard of Guitar Hero, and most people I know have either tried it or actually even love it!

The closest I’ve come is picking up the little guitar, which looks like a spatula in my giant hands. I can’t get myself to try it just yet, especially after seeing that South Park episode mocking the game. It made me think all these kids are spending valuable time and money perfecting a skill that might not be useful 10 years from now, unlike learning how to play the guitar for real, and you know, get creative? But regardless, it’s become a worldwide sensation that everyone digs, so what can I say? Maybe I should try it? But the next purchase I make for my Nintendo Wii, will be Wii Fit, because it looks interesting and I can lose some of the weight I gained recently going on a carb explosion.


However, many residents have parties centered around this “fun” game, even on New Year’s Eve! And now the trend in Hoboken, is “Guitar Hero Nights” at local bars such as Mulligan’s, Mile Square and a few others.

Here’s what Chris, one of the people who started the Thursday night event at Mulligan’s had to say. See a photo gallery and a video below

“A friend and I are running a Guitar Hero night at Mulligan’s bar on Thursday nights from 8 – 10. Basically, we hook up a Nintendo Wii to the speaker system there and have people play Guitar Hero against each other for free. The winner of each match gets a free beer. We welcome anyone who wants to play from the beginner to the experienced player. Surprisingly we get a good mix of guys and girls to play.

Our website is at www.spanishalien.com. Keep up the good work on the website!”

Below, in this YouTube video, we have some 9-year old kid who scored 750,000 in Expert Mode… Which is pretty good, after checking the scores on the Guitar Hero website.

However, the kid is just sitting there, fiddling the buttons really fast (seems like he’s practicing for what he’s gonna be doing alone much of his life).

Is it really that fun to “perfect” the game? He didn’t seem so excited when go that special rating or whatever it was he got.

What do you all think?


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[quote comment=”71913″] About 10 years ago, I started to learn how to play guitar on an acoustic guitar, but did not enjoy the callouses on my fingers, so I quit the real guitar. [/quote]

Are the callouses the reason you are still single?



ron mexico
ron mexico

I gotta have more cowbell, baby!


I hear “More Cow Bell Hero” is in the works.


[quote comment=”71917″]i like beer hero, i never get callouses, and there is just about always someone who wants to join the band[/quote]
Funniest comment so far this year.


[quote comment=”72024″][quote comment=”72023″]My wife doesn’t let me play video games. Thus I am forced to go to the gym, play with my children and torment readers on this site.[/quote]
Yes, but does she let you visit your sac, or does she just keep your balls in a glass jar on the coffee table? :lol:[/quote]
My balls have been placed in jar on our mantle next to our good china.

I am like a happy golden retriever, I follow commands and get fed.

[quote comment=”72034″][quote comment=”72023″]My wife doesn’t let me play video games. Thus I am forced to go to the gym, play with my children and torment readers on this site.[/quote]

What is this LET nonsense? How about you LET her make you a freakin’ turkey pot pie and get you a beer.[/quote]

I guess you are not married.

I do get to watch Dancing with the Stars – such a FABULOUS show. 😆