A big “what if?” (something to ponder…)

What if City Hall (and more) just “went away” tomorrow?

Imagine Hoboken falls into the Twilight Zone. And you wake up tomorrow morning and find out:

  • City Hall and ALL government operations vanished.
  • Police and Fire departments we no longer in service. The County and State had no jurisdiction in Hoboken. We’re “on our own.”
  • State laws (including gun laws, decency laws, drug & alcohol laws) were null and void (in Hoboken).
  • You had no property tax bills, parking tickets, fines or permit fees.
  • Yet all ordinary “commerce” remained (like power, cable, phone, water) along with all stores, deliveries, and so on.

What would happen in Hoboken without those “control mechanisms?”

Would Hoboken fall into an “Mad Max” type of environment? Or would people figure out a way to co-exist? How would “social networking” make a difference if was here or not?

What if Hoboken Twilight Zone No Government

Anarchy or Peaceful Co-existence?

I’m sure views would differ greatly between those under 25 and over 40 (with a mix in between). And I bet views would also be considerably different depending on how historically educated people are.

Would there be violence, death and destruction? Perhaps in the beginning. That’s how things adapt.

But I think as time passed, we could easily figure out a (fair and equitable) way to manage this city for a LOT less than the obsolete and draconian structure we have in place now. We have plenty of smart, strong and logical people living among us. What is stopping “real” change?

And surely there would be a need for a minor amount of “leadership” to some degree, provided it’s voluntary and not mandatory. Leaders always emerge in times of crisis, and I don’t think this “Twilight Zone” scenario would be any different.

Anyway – just something to ponder at the water cooler today. Applies to Hoboken or any city you live in.

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Nothing bad would happen. Only good things. Businesses would thrive, crime would go down, more money would flow to the people. Bring it on.