City Council – 3/5/2008 Preview


The Hoboken City Council holds its first meeting of the month tonight at 7:00, and today’s report on the Police Department will probably be a hot topic. The budget is tops on the agenda, along with more applications for parks funding and more cash for the company that did the $2 million retrofit of the 916 Garden automated garage. Here’s your Hoboken411 preview.

Budget Battle Continues

With the approach of the ides of March, Hoboken is now less than four months away from the end of fiscal year 2008, yet it is still operating without an adopted budget. Tonight the public hearing on the $90 million spending plan continues (some say it’s actually well over $100 million) and a resolution “Authorizing amendments to the SFY 2008 Municipal Budget introduced on October 3 2007” will be considered after that hearing. I’d love to tell you what the amendments are, but the agenda says they “will be available at the meeting,” which means the public and most council members will not have seen them before they are asked to comment and vote on them. The council will also be asked to again approve “additional temporary emergency appropriations until such time a formal budget is adopted.”

Fire Department Changes


A public hearing and second vote on changes to the Fire Department’s table of organization governing the balance of titles will not happen. The Roberts administration is rescinding the ordinance and offering a new version for first reading, Of course, nobody has seen it yet and it is also listed as “will be available at the meeting”. The same goes for first reading on an ordinance changing the administrative code to include an “insurance fund commission”.

More Parks Funding Applications

At the last meeting the City Council approved an application for funding to acquire land on “Block 11” on Patterson Avenue between Sky Club and Harrison Court as part of the Master Plan vision of a 6-acre park on the southwest side of the city. This resolution and the grant applications that came with it were driven by the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition and the City Council members who support the SW6 plan. Now the Roberts administration is adding two more competing resolutions to apply for Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund grants.

Money to fix Stevens’ Property?

Hoboken has a 50-year lease on the Castle Point waterfront walkway parks that are actually Stevens Institute property. This walkway and adjacent parking lots are falling into the river. Now Dave Roberts is looking to apply for Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund money to pay to fix the existing waterfront walkway. Roberts wants the council to sign off on a $400,000 grant application for “emergency reconstruction to the waterfront walkway at Castle Point Park”. Instead of having Stevens fix its own property, Roberts wants to spend $550,000 of taxpayer money to do it for them.


Seeking Cognis/Henkel site funding

Another resolution offered by the Mayor would send yet another grant application to the Hudson County open Space Trust Fund for money toward the acquisition of the Cognis/Henkel site in the fifth ward. This resolution is on the agenda, but not included in the resolutions posted on the city website. The Cognis/Henkel site has long been coveted by the Board of Education for a new school site, but state money for a new school dried up years ago in the Schools Construction Corporation debacle.

More money for Unitronics


The city council has already approved payment of nearly $2 million to Unitronics for the retrofit of the 916 Garden automated parking garage. Now the Parking Utility is seeking an additional “support, service, and maintenance” contract of $138,000 payable at $11,500 a month. This resolution is also not included in the PDF file on the city website. When Unitronics was originally hired it was touted as a company that would do the job and then leave, unlike Robotics before it. Now it seems just like Robotics, Unitronics won’t be leaving Hoboken anytime soon.

The council meeting begins at 7pm at City Hall.

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From the today’s AP: Corzine talks to N.J. mayors angry over budget cuts. Listen up Russo et al… TRENTON, N.J. (AP) Warning: Merge ahead. New Jersey mayors don’t need a roadside sign to get a sense of direction from Gov. Jon S. Corzine. The Democratic governor’s proposed budget would reward mayors who find ways to merge services with adjacent towns. Municipalities that don’t heed the governor’s call would pay the price, literally, by receiving reduced state funding. The Democratic governor told a group of mayors and municipal leaders Thursday he is committed to using state aid as a tool to reward cities and towns that share services. The governor believes many communities can save money and cut property taxes by sharing services such as police. The mayors aren’t convinced his consolidation-incentive plan, part of an overall $33 billion budget proposal that calls for across-the-board cuts in state spending, has merit. They contend consolidation of services won’t save as much as the governor thinks, and will lead to higher property taxes. ”Shared services will not produce the kind of savings the taxpayer will expect,” Richfield Park Mayor George Fosdick said. Corzine said consolidation could save significant money ”if it’s done on a grand scale across the state.” Corzine has proposed the largest funding cuts for towns with fewer than 10,000 residents. Towns with 5,000 to 10,000 residents would see sharp reductions in state aid, and state aid would be eliminated for towns of less than 5,000 people. Small towns would instead… Read more »

Back to the trees in CSP.

I haven’t followed this. But what I just saw on channel 78 is a bit confusing.

Some guy brought his google earth picture to show that the dog run has more space than the kids do as far as play area. Nice move.

Then the meeting goes on and it’s brought up that the trees may be removed in the spring. What??! This isn’t really going to happen is it? Remove trees so kids can play??

What ever happened to Tag, Johnny on the Pony, Blind Man’s Bluff. These are all games I played, as a kid, in area’s that had trees, grass, dirt. Why can’t kids play around the trees?


$1,832,683 are you f’g kidding me Quimby?


After watching the latest insult to our intelligence on Ch. 78 I offer the following analysis of our Council People: 1. Zimmer: feckless, paranoid and perhaps anorexic; Ramos: knows he’s screwed, wondering if his cellmate will wear a condom; LaBruno: can you imagine the intensity of stench in her nether-regions?; Castellano: happy to be paying 1984 prices for a 1984 hairdo; Gnocci: incredulous that people expect him to show up; Cammaranno: finding barber for mugshot; Russo: juggling GED studies with pending liposuction; Mason: will somebody get this girl’s back? Imagine being on a Council with this band of clowns, arguing against her (OUR) right to receive OUR records, OUR reports. Beth, take a flame thrower to these clowns. I’m most embarrassed by Zimmer, finding ways to subtly shoot down a woman Zimmer knows she could never be.
Can411 plan a celebratory meet and greet when these felons get their due?


[quote comment=”71841″]Maybe the FBW should mind their own business and not bother with litigating such things.And in case you didn’t know, FBW sued Stevens first.[/quote]

Wrong. FBW complained to the city when the rock containing asbestos was being blasted without even being watered down. FBW also complained that what Stevens called the “foundation” for the Babbio center looked very much like a parking garage with ramps and all. Stevens did not have a permit to construct the garage. The city stopped work on the project, Stevens then served FBW with what is widely regarded as a SLAPP suit (strategic litigation against public participation). FBW was never opposed to the Babbio center or to the garage, in fact, they presented an alternative design for the garage that put the cars behind classrooms, commercial or residential space, which is the way garages on the waterfront are designed.

don’t take it from me: