GNC coming soon to 302 Washington St. in Hoboken

GNC Hoboken NJ - GNCWell, word on the street is that yet another mega chain is coming to Hoboken. GNC (General Nutrition Centers) is supposedly the next tenant to be able to pay double and triple rents at 302 Washington Street, the former home of Makeovers, who moved across the street last month.

Like lululemon atheltica which is also coming in 2015, GNC is a multi-billion dollar company, but with over 7,000 locations. Yikes!

Wanna hear what GNC has to say about themselves?

“GNC sets the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety and product potency, all while remaining on the cutting-edge of nutritional science. As our company has grown over the years, so has our commitment to Living Well. In fact, GNC is the world’s largest company of its kind devoted exclusively to helping its customers improve the quality of their lives. From scientific research and new product discovery to the manufacturing and packaging processes, GNC takes pride in our rigorous approach to ensuring quality. Our commitment to quality extends to our interactions with you in our stores and after you buy our products.”

Wow, if there was ONE company I’d think who would falter with online shopping, it would be a vitamin store. Much better selection online, for less. How they managed to stay so lucrative is something that ought to be investigated. Seriously!

Anyway, welcome to Strip Mall Hoboken, GNC!

GNC vitamins hoboken NJ - GNC

Description: Vittles
Address: 302 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030 (coming 2015)
Phone: TBD
Online: gnc.comTwitterFacebook

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Thursday, December 4, 2014 2:37 pm

I guess all the meatheads are wetting their pants that they’ll now get to buy their protein powders at a big Washington St markup now.

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