“No Exception” Parking?

Is a parking offense ever right in Hoboken?

See – one of the things wrong with “parking rules” is that they are arbitrarily enforced. Most of the time against non-city persons. Hence, why we have the HPU Hypocrisy Files – and document that frequent “do as we say, not as we do” bullshit. You know, what good are “rules” for the people, if they don’t apply to every single person, regardless of job title, every single time? We all know the rules are a sham, and are just put into place to divert MONEY to someone else. Plain and simple.

Most people unfortunately abide by (and live in fear of) those rules – which is why they’ve worked for so long.

With that aside – there are various nuances that take place in the world of “enforcement” of those asinine laws. Like if someone “pleads” with an officer with their (insert excuse here), many times that enforcer of the “rules,” will “allow” them to escape financial theft. Technically, those enforcers are breaking their own rules by showing any compassion and humanity. Funny how that works, right? How much better would the world be if we can throw 99.9% of them away? A lot.

And we’ve said in the past – we believe it’s okay for emergency vehicles to park wherever necessary in response to some urgent situation – especially if lives can be saved, or injury and damage can be prevented. But what about those “gray area offenders?”

Like this. Would it be soulless to ticket the (government run, publicly funded) “Meals on Wheels” program? God forbid those disabled senior citizens don’t get their meals on time, right?

illegally parked meals on wheels hoboken nj

But again, it’s documented in the city “law books” that these corner spaces should be left unoccupied for the safety benefit of residents and visitors. So what if someone got killed because the meals on wheels truck created a dangerous condition? Is that okay because it was “for the elderly?’

And what about this PSE&G repair van. This was not a city job, and they parked illegally to “help” a resident of Hoboken with some kind of power or gas issue. Despite it being a “noble” reason, does it make it okay?

illegally parked PSEG van hoboken NJ

They can stop it forever, but they won’t

If a city like Hoboken REALLY wanted to prevent parking in those colored curb zones, they could easily come up with a way to permanently block them. With either concrete barriers (which are portable and movable in case of something like a “snow emergency.” Or with “progressive traffic calming measures” like curb cutouts that have been already implemented in a select few areas in town.

But those cost money to build, and TAKE MONEY AWAY from the city by almost eliminating those types of offenders (probably close to $1 million a year in fines).

So what you’re left with is the “perfect storm” of politicians pretending to “try to improve quality of life” with colored paint on curbs, all while knowing that this racket is a cash cow, and they love it. All by design, folks!

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