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Organic Wines in Hoboken

More and more people are becoming more “health conscious” these days, and leaning over towards the whole organic and “non-GMO” type products. Entire aisles of some supermarkets are dedicated to “gluten-free” products as well as other so-called “healthy” items. But what about Organic Wine? Why hasn’t that “blown up” the way other food products have?

Organic Wines in Hoboken NJ

Limited, but growing options in Hoboken

We recently tried a few bottles of “Our Daily Red” organic wine (pictured above) which we picked up over at Sparrow Wines.

It’s an affordable bottle (under $10), and contains no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers or chemicals. As well as no added sulfites, which more people are becoming aware of.

The taste is “good,” but knowing that special care went into making it one of the “safest” wines to consume add to the mental enjoyment of the beverage.

Organic Wines at Sparrow Wine Hoboken NJ

Both Sparrow as well as the new Cork Wines uptown both had a relatively small collection of organic wines to choose from, which can be a little frustrating. The owners of Cork said they are planning on expanding their selection as they settle into their spot (they’re also in the midst of opening a 2nd location in Harrison, NJ).

Personally, my favorite organic wine is Venta Morales Organic Tempranillo out of La Mancha Spain. This stuff is hard to find, and we usually buy whatever inventory we can get our hands on. Anyone see this in the area, let me know! What’s even better about this organic wine is that you just feel less “polluted” the next day – even when you have one or two glasses too many.

Have you tried any organic wine?

Organic Wines at Cork Wine Hoboken NJ

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