How do you view “news?”

How do you view “news” these days?

Being “immersed” in telling stories for nearly nine years – it’s allowed me to look at the whole process from the inside out. And it makes me ask – how do you view “news” these days? Is it “too much information?” (TMI), or is it “essential” to your well-being? I’d suggest it’s the former.

how does watching news help you - How do you view "news?"

As our news “model” here at Hoboken411 has evolved over the years – I have to say people like consuming things that are more or less “interesting.” That can range from “reporting” on extreme outcomes (like death, murder, disaster) to having an opinion on life as we know it. And as time has progressed, I think honest observation + critical thinking + opinion is way more important than “what (they said) happened” in the world.

“What happened” is a tough nut to crack

I tell a similar story to anyone who latches onto a sad “charity” case like neglected puppies, abused women, starving children, or anything else “bad” that’s happening in some part of the world.

There are bad things happening EVERYWHERE. Why pick ONE of them to proclaim your support for?

Once you get wrapped up in the so-called “misery” of the world, you’ll never find peace. You’ll cry yourself to death quite possibly!

I’ll repeat what I’ve said many times in the past – Charity begins with Family, then friends, then neighbors. If everyone took care of those things (in that order), the world would be in little need of so-called “Charities.” But I digress…

Politics and crime dominate the “news”

politics and fear mongering crime reports - How do you view "news?"We belong to several credited news organizations. And each week they want to “curate” the news of their region. Whether it’s New Jersey, or the rest of the country or world, they get their egotistic rocks off collecting what they believe are the “most important” topics of the time frame.

But as I read these collections of stories, they all follow the same pattern.

Politics (and the stupid useless boneheads running the show – elected or not), “extreme” crime cases (like violent deaths, accidents, or mishaps), and very little else.

No one is talking about WHY we arrived at such a moronic spot. No one suggesting HOW to fix the problems to bring us back to some kind of manageable “normality…” None of that.

At best, any solutions are only briefly touched upon – and never in a comprehensive and long-term, ongoing manner.

All the “journalists” out there these days only care about is being first, but never about thinking critically. They want big headlines. Attention. Accolades, whatever. Very few are interested in making the general public aware of the REAL truths that are out there. Why? Because that does not “sell” much at all.

What would it take for “reporters” and news agencies to wake up?

Here’s the sad part. I don’t think anything (any time soon) will “wake up” any kind of news agency or “mainstream” reporter. Because they’re essentially all brain-dead when it comes to reality. Getting sound bites, quotes and he-said, she-said is where they stop.

Thankfully – there are (some) in the “alternative” realm that actually speak truths. But they’re far and few between, and have very low likelihood of influencing large-scale mental change. And you have to be doubly careful on WHICH “alternative” news sources to trust. Because the entire world has been infected with people or organizations who are NOT what they claim to be. A complex web for sure!

Again, look at your local or national news outlet. Most of it is either crime-related or politically oriented.

Is that what is really going on in this world? Or is it 100’s of millions of ORDINARY people trying to make sense of this mess, earn a living and fix what is wrong?

And because of this mind-numbing stream of constant distractions – it’s caused the MAJORITY of people to be rendered USELESS when it comes to both critical thinking and CREATIVE thinking.

It would become a LOT better if the “front line” journalists out there reported on REALITY instead of what their EDITORS wanted to publish for increased revenue.

Do you need to watch the “news?”

As you might recall – we turned off the TV well over three years ago (other than putting in a classic DVD or Blu-Ray). And that has created a very interesting feeling each time we’re “exposed” to what is being broadcast on any of the channels.

Of the maybe 10 times a year I get the “privilege” of witnessing a local (say CBS) new broadcast, it becomes that much more difficult to “consume.” It’s obvious manipulation! It feels so OUT OF PLACE in my mind that I have to TURN IT OFF.

That’s the way I feel after just a few years without it. Imagine how someone who’s NEVER seen it would react? They’d have a heart attack! It’s just NOT RIGHT!

What news matters to YOU. Really.

I’d bet that (other than the weather), NONE of the news you consume on a daily basis would impact your life in any way if you did NOT see or hear it.

You know, the same could be said for Hoboken411 – we don’t do much “life changing” news around here. We share alternative views, some new businesses, but it’s mostly OPINION about the world as we see it. And in our opinion, this is exactly what the world needs. Opinionated INDIVIDUALS!

Because we stand for something individually. Whether it’s as simple as a viewpoint, or a “taste,” or a lifestyle. We’re not trying to “fit into” some kind of societal mold, or herd mentality that is “en vogue.”

Remember – they’re trying to control you

I’ll end with this. The mainstream “news” does nothing other than scare people. They try to paint this picture of the world as a bad place, with bad people. Then paint the other side of “enforcers” trying to right the wrong. But in the end, it’s the “enforcers” who are killing and hurting more people overall!

All this news “fear” is just making people more reliant on “big government” and which is why those types of topics dominate most if not all headlines. They always get the spotlight.

It will be a day of pleasure when ALL of the “mainstream” media outlets wake up and say “why are we pandering to these political toolbags? Let’s figure out what is REALLY going on, and how to REVERSE it!”

But that will NEVER EVER HAPPEN in the foreseeable future. How can it when they’re playing their role perfectly?

But who knows, maybe that day may come eventually, because even the parrots might get squeezed enough to finally wake up.

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Regardless of outlet, I think it can be said that if it’s cheap or free, *we* (us the viewer) are the product – not what’s broadcast or printed.

That means the number one objective of any news organization is to sell advertising. Whatever gets the most eyeballs (so long as it doesn’t conflict with the advertisers’ interests) determines what’s presented. W/R/T politics, viewers like hearing their opinions read back to them, so they’ll be keenly interested in political stories slanted in their favor. The NY Times, for example, blurs the distinction between editorial and news content, and marches in lock step with UWS sentiment, and chooses stories/editorial positions accordingly.

A secondary objective is to promote the advertiser’s or editorial board’s interests. If, for example, the advertiser benefits from cheap labor, you’ll get endless stories about the wonders of “fixing our broken immigration system” without ANY mention of the other side of the debate. Ever.

A cousin of this is the planted stories such as the “programmer shortage” meme that went on in the late 1990s – all compliments of Hill+Knowlton who worked feverishly on behalf of industry groups worried about IT wage inflation. Their stories helped flood the market with candidates and helped get H1-b restrictions relaxed. (the fabled “nursing shortage” meme worked in a similar manner.)

So yeah, 411 is right. It’s about CONTROL. It’s also about MONEY.