“Small Business Saturday”

Small Business Saturday Update

Update: Forgot to mention the weirdness of this whole Small Business Saturday in Hoboken. One, the “nautical” theme is downright ridiculous. Who came up with that idea and why?

Secondly, did you see that bulletin board by the bus stop the other day? Burlap draped sloppily over it reminded me of some kind of homeless setup. Then to make it “Christmas-like” they just threw up a wreath (a probably made in China wreath, too).

Dunno. Doing things “half-assed” is the new “full-out effort” these days.

Homeless Decorations Hoboken NJ shop small

Even worse with this “nautical” theme is the fact they’re using BOATS as decorations. Right here in Hoboken. Not too long after people were using REAL boats to escape to safety after Hurricane Sandy.

That’s sure going to bring back warm and fuzzy memories that will certainly make people want to spend even more, right?

Ho HO Hoboken Shop Small

Big Bank Marketing: “Small Business Saturday…”

You ever wonder why big financial companies like American Express are spending millions promoting “Small Business Saturday?”

I’m not going to answer that question. You should know the answer.

But they apparently “picked” a block in Hoboken (Washington between 5th & 6th) to be some kind of hyped area where they’ll bling-out a few businesses for some added exposure for American Express. La-dee-frickin’-da!

Some of these decorations looked quite shoddy, in my opinion. But I digress…

Small business saturday dont believe the hype hoboken NJ american express

Want to know how to help “Small Business” in Hoboken?

I’ll make this REALLY SIMPLE for you guys to lend a big hand to your local shops this holiday season – and going forward.


Any credit or debit purchase will cost your “small business” around 3%. Give or take. Remember that! (If you’re a cheap bastard, you can ask local business owners for a cash discount), but that is just being cheap.

What bugs me the most is, when I see people – almost anywhere – whether it’s a convenience store or what have you. They pay with debit card for shit under $5 dollars. THAT COSTS THE BUSINESS MONEY!

So if you really think you’re out there “supporting local businesses,” put your money where your mouth is – and go ahead and WITHDRAW cash money from your bank account and buy things from local Hoboken businesses in COLD HARD CASH.

If you’re one of those asshole debt-carriers who love “credit cards” to acquire shit you don’t need – then do everyone a favor (including yourself): PAY OFF YOUR DEBT, then buy everything else in the future WITH CASH you have in your pocket.

If we all collectively “starve the beast,” WE ALL ARE WINNERS. Don’t you get that yet?

Happy Holidays!

small business saturday hoboken nj

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