“Major Winter Storm”

Major Winter Storm – or just stupid hype?

Wow – is this “pre-season” weather event a major winter storm, or just a “minor event?” That’s what I want to know. Sure some areas way to the north and west may see over 8″ of snow – but our area near the coast will barely see a couple inches (if that).

So yesterday I was on my way from Hoboken to Short Hills Mall to pick up some Xmas bling gifts (and to thwart would-be carjackers) – and I saw this sign on Route 78 that “warned” drivers of the impending “MAJOR WINTER STORM – BE PREPARED!”

Major Winter Storm Hype Hoboken NJ - "Major Winter Storm"WTF? A couple inches of wet snow and all of a sudden it’s declared a “MAJOR” storm? Who is responsible for such wording? Off the top of my (non-hysterical) mind – I’d suggest the following verbiage classifications:

  • Insignificant Snow Event: Flurries – dusting
  • Minor Snow Event: 1″ to 5″
  • Moderate Snow Storm: 5″ to 10″
  • Heavy Snow Storm: 10″ – 16″
  • Major Snow Emergency: 16″ with blizzard conditions

To use such a superlative word as “MAJOR” makes it seem at the “top of it’s class” in terms of comparisons. Which this boring storm has none of.

However, I will give them a smidgen of elbow room here. Because we have so many dim-witted morons traversing our public roadways, perhaps “scaring” some people off the roads may be a pretty good idea. Because the people that automatically believe “hype” like this – are probably also very bad drivers as well.

Have fun with your (soon to be brown) coating of frozen precipitation!

major winter storm hoboken nj - "Major Winter Storm"

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