Top 5 Benefits of Cold Winter Weather

Top 5 Benefits of cold winter weather (look on the bright side!)

A month before winter officially begins, we’ve already been treated with that stupid polar vortex, temps in the 20’s, and wind chills in the single digits. WTF?

However, in an attempt to “keep calm” and be “more positive,” I have compiled a list of the Top 5 Benefits of Cold Winter Weather in Hoboken.

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather 2015

Improved Quality of Life

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather number 5For one thing, the cold weather normally means you need to keep your windows shut. This reduces the ambient “city noise” one might encounter in their paper-thin-walled apartment. But you do the same on summer days, so what’s the difference?

The difference is when it is ice cold out, those who live near crowded bars will have even less noise than normal, as boisterous inebriated smokers will spend a significantly less time yammering about meaningless topics at the top of their lungs.


Improved (perceived) body image

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather number 4This is a big deal for many ladies out there struggling to attain that perfect waif-like body image portrayed on mind-numbing tv shows and commercials. And during the summer season, wearing lightweight, often next-to-microscopically thin clothing, there isn’t much “forgiveness” when it comes to revealing one’s flaws.

So when it gets bone-chillingly cold, many women out there breathe a sigh of relief! Now figure-masking thick sweaters, bulky coats and more can compliment your insulated yoga pants and you can be more confident!

Big Tip: For those that love to “hide” beneath their wool pea-coats: Spring begins on March 20, 2015. Try not to let your bodies slip too much, or you’ll have an even more miserable next year!

Saving money

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather number 3Each season comes with their own kind of expenses, give or take. Utilities, clothing, recreational, etc.

But there are most certainly several ways that the cold weather allows one to save money on certain ordinary routines.

One, your water bill may go down, as when it’s ice-cold, who needs to shower every day? You can also save water (or trips to the dwindling number of laundromats) by getting multiple wears out of your clothing (with the exception of socks & underwear). Plus, your use less deodorant, and most importantly – less body odor!

Besides personal expenses, I think cooking at home tends to be on the uptick during colder periods. With the days short, and no outdoor seating, having a nice home-cooked meal is just another way to save money when it’s cold! (And don’t forget the LED Light Bulbs!)

Dog poop less offensive (and troubling!)

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather number 2A HUGE bonus when temps fall below freezing – is the fact that the majority of “fecal land mines” that pepper the city streets and sidewalk, essentially become rendered harmless!

Instead of smearing gross, toxic, larvae-infested dog shit in every groove of your cross-training sneakers – you’re essentially stepping on a somewhat “soft rock.” Sure, you might soil your soles a little, but it’s 100x less problematic than when it’s warm and moist like a pan of brownies 5 minutes before they’re ready.

(Note – you should pray for minimal snow this season, because all bets are off when snow is on the ground, as dog-owners seem to be unable to comprehend how to pick up the poop AND a little bit of snow. A strange phenomenon indeed!)

Fewer Bicyclists!

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather number 1And the number one benefit of frigid winter weather is…. Fewer Bicyclists! With the exception of the die-hard bicyclists out there, most progressive “city-dwelling hipsters” who normally ride bikes because it’s some kind of fashion statement rather than a sensible mode of transport – quickly vanish once the weather is below their “comfort zone.”

While annoying because these nimrods are the ones “protesting” at city hall for more bike lanes, it’s quite amusing that they’re the first to say “fuck that shit” and find other warm methods of transportation (like the equally hip “app based” “Uber” taxi, or other FASTER ways to get to the next art gallery opening).

This is also fantastic, as it leads to less nonsensical collisions between 2-ton motor vehicles and entitled bi-pedal-road-whores! Cops must be relieved with the reduction of “nincompoop paperwork” as well.

What are your favorite aspects of the cold season?

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