Hoboken Missed Connections 3/3/2008


I’ll keep trying at this, to see if something funny pops up.


Here are a few from the last week (email embedded in each title):

Pizza and napkins. What a story.
Pizzerria in Hoboken on Sat – ANDREA??? – m4w – 24
I walked into some pizzeria today and met some people there. My brother introduced himself to you and your friends while you ate pizza…he was very drunk, I was wearing a blue jackey and had glasses on. I also brought you napkins when you went to the bathroom. Overheard your friends say your name was Andrea…

The point: I think you are beautiful and think it would be good to possibly meet you sometime for maybe a few more moments than casual glances….what do you say?

Love on the rails?
Hoboken St. Patty’s train – wearing a tan coat & making small talk – 26
It was yesterday morning, around 9:30am or so on the PATH train from 33rd St. to Hoboken.

You: a cute guy standing right in front of me, making an effort to chat about the best places to go in Hoboken for the early St. Patty’s Day celebration.

Me: also a cute Hoboken St. Patty’s Day virgin, who’s a little bit shy but would have liked to keep talking to you or run into you again.

You asked if you were squishing me on the packed train and I wanted to answer – just the opposite, I would have liked you to move closer!

This is random of me and I feel like a little bit of a weirdo posting here, but what do I have to lose? Maybe you’d like to pick up our conversation another time?

There’s a hidden meaning here somewhere…
I had Weimeramer, you had Garden of Eden bags – w4m – 37
Am I wrong?

What? Cops were drinking on St. Patty’s Day???
Hoboken 3/1 – w4m – 27
the difference between a cop and a fireman is that you’re allowed to drink in uniform. I was really busy that day, I would have liked to talk to you.

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