Facebook is robbing you (really)

Forget Facebook robbing you – GO BACK TO RSS FEEDS… TODAY!

Here’s a little bump from a story we published two years ago (see way below beyond the horizontal break). It was mainly a story (one of many) that we’ve published trying to convince you that you are ALL just little “cogs in a bigger machine.”

It’s a tough pill to swallow. To realize that you are not human, but merely a monetization “unit” for some filthy rich social media a-hole whom you’ll never meet. Our digital world now has reduced real human beings to nothing other than monetary units. Sad, but FACT. Don’t believe me? I don’t care. You will. Eventually. I’ll even invite you back for a conversation even after you trash me and come crawling back with your tail between your legs. Then we’ll be able to proceed properly.

Anyway – the point of the (original) post below was to show you guys how you have NO idea that by participating in those social networks – you’re only harming yourselves.

However, I wanted to remind you of an alternative way to “stay informed.” And the best way is OUTSIDE of social media.

I will once again highly recommend a service called INOREADER.COM.

It’s basically an RSS aggregator.

Inoreader inbox RSS feed - Facebook is robbing you (really)

What is RSS ask the ignorant?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” (or something like that).

Most “websites” (soon to be a taboo word) have what are called RSS feeds. They “blast out” whatever content they publish via this format. It can be used in a multitude of ways. Usually for “sucking” content from sites to be used on others. But the main point is to allow people to “receive” whatever info is published via another method.

Google Reader (RSS) was killed – others live on

Many years ago – your “friend” Google had a product called “Google Reader,” which was an RSS aggregator that allowed individuals like you and me – to read dozens if not hundreds of websites in ONE SINGLE PLACE.

Sort of your “inbox” for online browsing.

It was a great product, especially for people that scan countless web properties. News sites with many daily updates (even Drudge) made this a no-brainer.

It was eliminated by Google. We are confident they did it because it HURT their revenue. Not enough ads, not enough monetization for them. It was a sad day for most sensible RSS experts. Everyone was moving towards the “social media cesspool.”

In comes Inoreader (and others)

So a company stepped in and filled the void. Inoreader is our choice. There are not many (good) RSS aggregators out there.

It works fabulously – and I highly recommend the el-cheapo paid version. I think it’s like 25 bucks a year. WORTH IT’S PRICE IN GOLD.

Again, why should I read RSS feeds instead of websites or status updates?

The main reason: CONTROL.

Other reasons include formatting, ease of use, lack of manipulation and many others.

But let me do a quick elaboration in an easy numbered list for you to comprehend:

  1. Choose the “list” of websites you’d like to read. It can be any and all. Good and bad. Stuff you want to “keep tabs on.” Whatever suits your fancy.
  2. In the box on the upper left – insert the URL of the website. Click “subscribe.” It then gets added to your list of subscriptions.
  3. Once your list is populated to your satisfaction – then start GROUPING. You might have various groups. Entertainment. Politics. Work-related. Fitness. Etc. Then it becomes easier to “scan headlines” for various topics.

Each headline you read – you can click and either read full stories (if the website owner allows) or click to be taken to those individual websites. Brilliant!

Cancel Facebook (and other social media control you “info”

Instead of getting your “news” from ordinary people in your stupid timeline – you can regain FULL CONTROL of how and what kind of information you receive. Not edited or censored either.

For example, we have our “folders” organized into various groups. VIP. Alternate news. Mainstream news. Health, fitness, and a ton of other categories.

This way – we can choose the timeline of viewing OURSELVES.

For instance, if I’m short on time, I typically just check (what we deemed important) via our “VIP” folder. We’ll check the other folders when we have time.

They have a multitude of other features which we don’t always use – but you can have a “dashboard” of all headlines, sharing, printing, and so much more I’m ignorant about – but they seem to have covered the needs of their paying customers.

Speaking of paying – they have a free plan – which works for most. But plans start at like $5 a month and remove ads, and have other added benefits. See this link for more: https://www.inoreader.com/

So instead of getting “force fed” bullshit you’ve inadvertantly gotten yourself mixed up with – you can regain full control of how you get your data.

Highly recommended. Try it today. You will not regret it.

RSS aggregator better than facebook - Facebook is robbing you (really)

(below is the horizontal break I was referring to above.)


11/24/2014 (original post):

Did you know that Facebook has essentially “employed” you as a FREE blogger?

Facebook is robbing you - Facebook is robbing you (really)Yes, that’s right.

By creating this so-called “social network,” branded in such a way as to allow you to “reconnect” with long-lost friends, co-workers, lovers, or whatever garbage that was left behind (for a reason), you have now been unknowingly coerced into “feeding” your timeline (i.e., blog posts) 100% for free.

You know who gains, profits, benefits, “wins?” FACEBOOK, their principles, shareholders, employees, etc.

I’ll ask you to think about this once more.

What “Facebook” has accomplished (incredibly), by creating an “easy to use interface” and “immediate” and “constant” distractions, updates, changes, “news,” or whatever else you want to call that “stream” of information, is a multi-billion person force of FREE workers.

Those FREE workers (you and everyone else) have been creating an invaluable “data stream” of information. Trends. Likes. Dislikes. Opinions. Datasets. Marketable information. For FREE. For YEARS.

feeding the facebook beast - Facebook is robbing you (really)

But what has FACEBOOK become other than a “blog network?”

Think about this. Here is Hoboken411. It has been a blog online for about 8 ½ years. Before “Facebook” blew up. And we’re still here. We make a living off this website. We support local businesses with whatever revenue comes in. We’re part of the community.

All of you can also abandon Facebook and start your own personal websites OUTSIDE of the Facebook “walled garden.”

Why don’t you do that? Is it “too technical?” Does it require actual learning, research, practice? Yeah, so?

Did you know that even if you just had a teeny website that was visited each month by your “small circle” of friends – that you could easily earn 100’s of extra dollars per month? Do you get that from Facebook? No. Would you be OK with that extra money? YES.

They rely on you – your complacency, laziness, lack of drive

See – by creating this “dumbed down” version of “information exchange,” they’ve essentially taken the DRIVE out of you. It is SO EASY to create a Facebook page, thread, timeline, whatever the hell you want to call that distraction – that you have ZERO desire to even TRY to disengage from it.

You are making a select few ultra-rich

I’ll ask you once again… Do you see the big picture? Facebook has essentially killed most independent sources of opinion, news, and events. They’ve created a “walled garden” where all useful idiots find it easy to co-mingle. I apologize for the phrase “useful idiots,” but I mean it. They’re useful to FACEBOOK, and idiots for not going against the grain in their own lives.

Not everyone… sorry… not everyone

My apologies for trying to lump everyone into the same bucket. There are people who only sporadically use this so-called “social network” for minor tasks or what-have-you. And that’s fine… better off that you didn’t… And then there are those (millions) who don’t even have an account. God Bless You!

FOMO – Fear of missing out

This has become a “buzz-cronym” as of late. “FOMO.” Fear of missing out. Which has been said is the main reason why people are “heads down” and cannot “look away” from their cell phones anymore. For the FEAR OF MISSING OUT. On whatever that may be. Status updates. Ex-boyfriends. Envious photos. Latest “funny video” from some semi-acquaintance on your timeline. It’s become this addictive “fix” that you NEED. But do you really WANT any of that? Do you ever realize how much time you spent accomplishing nothing?

FOMO Facebook - Facebook is robbing you (really)

Don’t you want more control of your information?

I was thinking about something similar the other day. RSS feeds. I love RSS feeds. (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication – and is a way to read “headlines” from other sites, blogs in one place).

RSS feeds are the “enemy” of giant conglomerates like Google and Facebook. Which is why Google inexplicably discontinued the support of their wildly popular Google Reader application.

Millions of propeller-heads were angered to no-end because of that asshole move by Google. They did it purely for greedy reasons. Thankfully there are places like inoreader.com that are providing that service.

What having an RSS aggregator is like – is essentially the SAME as having a Facebook feed, timeline, etc. Except it’s via websites, and not “individuals,” (unless they have websites or blogs like we do.) Additionally, you control what you see. Not Facebook deciding what mood they want to put you in today.

Why Google discontinued it was obvious. They wanted to move towards their “Google Plus,” as well as other reasons.

Information, connecting, control

OK – I’ll wrap this “rant” up shortly. We all crave information to some degree. The technological revolution has enabled this since the inception of the printing press. But exchanging information (even for an individual profit), has essentially been “stolen” by a select few “big boys” in the internet (and news) world.

Armed with useful information – wouldn’t you say “what a fucking minute! You mean I can BLOG and MONETIZE my own site and at least earn SOME money for the effort I put into “sharing” stuff with other people (most of whom I don’t make eye contact with on a monthly basis?)”

In the end – who is most important in your life?

See – this post has a little bit of a “twist.” In the end, I’d say 95% of you could never maintain a daily or weekly “blog” in order to earn a few bucks. It does require some technical skill and patience. So it is much easier to “slip over to the dark side (Facebook).” And for those of you that DO choose to TRY and monetize your much sought-after opinions? You’ll probably lose patience and determine that the headaches labor aren’t worth the pittance you receive in return.

So where does that leave you?

Back on Facebook making other faceless suit-wearing oligarchs richer and richer?

Or do you delete Facebook completely, and re-discover the JOY in things like:

  • Face-to-face communication (translation: speaking, chatting, talking… look it up if you need to)
  • Writing a letter – in ink to a person you haven’t seen or talked to in a long time
  • Calling someone – catching up
  • Meeting for a drink or a stroll in the park (while your phone is at home or shut off?)
  • “Wow – I have all this extra FREE TIME!”
  • Attempting to live life away from CONSTANT CONTACT (camping, meditating, observing, writing, reading, dreaming?)
  • Finding manual, non-computer-oriented skills and hobbies? (like painting, cooking, pottery, gardening, home repairs?)

This whole “rant” wasn’t crafted to try and change anyone. Do what you want.

All I’d LOVE people to do is: THINK about what has happened, where it is going, who benefits (CUI BONO?) and how YOU fit into this entire picture. The more you think about it – the more you realize that YOU are nothing but a unit of MONETARY MEASURE for some other company.

Free yourself today!


Note: Here’s a somewhat interesting “infographic / video” a marketing company did about social networking. What I found most notable is how they portrayed “Millennials.” Seems like all this new technology has created an entire generation of new problems.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014 12:18 pm

I actually love the fact that facebook allows me to stay sort of in touch with people I haven’t seen in real life in 30 years, and many of whom I’ll probably never see again.

I even dig reading their mostly ridiculous political and religious and other sorts of opinions and all the rest. Makes me feel like I have a sort of rapport with them, a kind of starting point in case I ever run into them again in real life. And there’s a few of them that I actually wouldn’t mind running into again.

I also love reconnecting with folks from way way back. Just recently reconnected with a pal I havent seen since 1976, it was fantastic.

Find me something that can do all that isnt facebook and maybe I’ll consider disconnecting.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 6:39 am

Not to mention that loathsome creep -the Zuckster himself.

In a nation of 310 million, with the highest per capita educational expenature in the world, he says he can’t find enough workers to staff his cubes so he’s constantly banging the drum for more immigration.

Meanwhile the guy, who thinks a more crowded nation of lower wages is a better nation, spends $30 million to buy up four houses surrounding his Palo Alto estate “for privacy.”

Loathsome aspergery creep.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 2:24 am

Myself and a bunch of people we know had a similar discussion about facebook and decided that we didn’t want to use it anymore. Happened overnight. Mass delete. When your stream is nothing but shared videos that ultimately waste your time, it doesn’t matter how touching or sad or funny they are. It’s time you’ll never get back. And that fear of missing out is only a condition caused by the repetitive updates. Some were apprehensive to let it go, but no one is complaining today that they don’t have or use it.

Monday, November 24, 2014 12:53 pm

But it’s the easiest most fun way to talk with my friends. Why knock it?

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