Cork Salts

Gourmet Salts now available at Cork Wine in Hoboken

cork salts Hoboken NJ - Cork SaltsCool to see Cork Wines uptown diversify their product offerings. Recently added to their repertoire is “Cork Salts.”

They feature The Meadow brand of artisan salts, who started out in Portland, Oregon back in 2006, and expanded over to Hudson Street in NYC four years ago.

Cork features a variety of gourmet salts from The Meadow, which are infused with flavor (such as black truffle) and have a variety of uses (on meats, veggies, even on sweets like cookies and chocolate!)

Whether for yourself – or as a great holiday gift – having a nice selection of specialty salts in Hoboken is a nice option to have while out shopping this season. And remember – you should only consume genuine SEA salt, not that ordinary “table salt!”

Cork Wines is located at 1450 Washington Street. (201)942-9964.

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