Veteran Memorial botch in Hoboken

How hard can it be? War Memorial botch in Hoboken

Hoboken WWII memorial includes misspelled name of John Martocchia - Veteran Memorial botch in HobokenBack in August of 1944, Hoboken resident and Army Private John Martocchia was killed in action. And when the WWII Memorial down by Sinatra Park was installed, it was supposed include his name. It did, but was not spelled properly. The family has been trying for YEARS to get it repaired.

“mayor” Zimmer has known about this for quite some time, and she’s pointing the finger at the council to approve $5,000 of property taxpayer money it will cost to fix it.

This boils down to two things:

  1. It’s either the city’s fault for providing the incorrect spelling to the contractor, or…
  2. The contractor screwed it up, and the city should not have to pay a dime to get it fixed.

Either way – what a god damn waste of money it was.

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Crying shame. So often I hear newer residents claiming that they paid for this and that and the expect ions they have for a return on their money. Here are the men who wrote a blank check and they paid with their lives. I wonder how many of the money winers would be wiling to do that for our freedom?