Adams Cleaners and Tailoring

Adams Cleaners and Tailoring – Hoboken, NJ

Not exactly exciting Tuesday morning “news” but may be useful to some. Quickly replacing the doomed Limelight Floral at 519 Adams Street is, uh, Adams Cleaners and Tailoring.

If any of you are wondering if it’s the same owners as the old Adams DRY Cleaners at 4th and Adams (the one flooded out by Hurricane Sandy), nope. These new “Adams” are fresh to Hoboken, and operate a sweat shop out of Bayonne as well.

Adams Cleaners also offers free pickup and delivery, which may help the lazy portion of Hoboken, along with wash & fold and even house-cleaning. Yikes.

They claim themselves to be “expert tailors,” but I wouldn’t trust anyone with my garments in Hoboken other than Italmoda (526 Jefferson) – the best tailoring shop anywhere!

Adam Cleaners Hoboken NJ 519 Washington Street

Description: Dry cleaners, wash & fold (tailor at your own risk!)
Address: 519 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)420-7477
Hours: M-F 7am-7pm; SAT 8am-5pm

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