Turkey Trot 5K Run

WTF? Turkey Trot Thanksgiving 5K Run in Hoboken

We already know that outside of professional sports – every single organized 5k run in the world is for a damn charity. The “First Annual” Turkey Trot 5k run is no different.

But now Thanksgiving can’t even be a peaceful day in town. I mean really, why unnecessarily clog the streets on Thanksgiving?

We have people who want to leave the city to visit friends or relatives, as well as people coming into town for the same reason. Plus, all the residents who stayed behind will likely be doing last minute prep for their Thanksgiving dinners later in the day. Is holding yet another charity 5k run so fucking important that one of the last semi-normal holidays left needs to be even more complicated? Who allowed such a travesty on a major holiday?

I wonder how long it will be until there is a charity 5k run every single day of the year?

Hopefully this is the LAST ANNUAL “Turkey Trot.” Bad Ideas 1 – Common Sense 0.

Turkey Trot Hoboken NJ Thanksgiving 5K - Turkey Trot 5K Run

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