Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving PSA videos – do they help?

Seems like every other week, another “gripping” Public Service Announcement (PSA) video hits the interwebs about “texting and driving” or some other terrible thing people should not do because of the deadly consequences.

I mean we can all get distracted in some honestly unintentional ways (say a bug lands on your body), but it appears that the majority of drivers who take their eyes off the road to fiddle with their phones do it consciously.

And sure, these gut-wrenching videos may be able to curtail the narcissistic tendencies of a FEW people, but the problem will remain at large – and most likely get even worse.

The big question is how to cure the addiction to constant contact that has resulted from the advancement of communication technologies (amongst other things that are “instant” in this world). I mean how do you tell people who have become accustomed to a way of life – that there might be a better way?

In the end, they have to want it for themselves first. And introspection is rarity these days with all the distractions the matrix lures you in with. Good luck out there!

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