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Hot House Pizza – “Monroe”

Here’s more about Hot House Pizza at 606 2nd Street (201)222-0504. A little “behind the scenes” action. One of their most popular pizzas is the “Monroe.” (I guess it’s named that since they’re located at 2nd & Monroe). It’s a simple concoction that I don’t recall seeing anywhere else in Hoboken.

The Monroe is a basic pizza, topped with Prosciutto and fresh arugula – then drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Surprisingly good, and no wonder it’s a top seller.

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Hot House Pizza – Hoboken, NJ – 606 2nd Street

If you enjoy crispy, thin crust pizza with a truly authentic Italian taste – add this number for Hot House Pizza to your phone NOW: (201)222-0504.

Hot House Pizza Hoboken NJ now open

Hot House Pizza – First real “local pizza” in a long time!

Local Ralph Gallo knows pizza. With 15 years experience over at Torna Pizza – he embarked on his journey to running his own pizza parlor at 606 2nd Street (2nd & Monroe – behind Hoboken Hot House).

There’s really no “open-style” pizza place like this in Hoboken. The front garage door is open on warmer days, and they have a quaint outdoor patio in the back (which can also be rented out for parties, etc.)

What I think is really great about what Ralph has done with Hot House Pizza is that he’s kept it simple. Pizza. Calzones. A few salads, sandwiches, and appetizers. That’s it. Not complicated.

And frankly – he admits his pizza style will not be for everyone. He sells only the kind of pizzas that he likes to make (and eat) himself. Thin crust and crispy. There is a distinct customer who likes the old-school style of pizza. Not the modern, goopy, floppy overweight slices, or “stuffed crust” gimmick pizzas. It’s nice to hear he’s confident in his products and customer base.

So if you happen to read negative reviews of Hot House Pizza (or any restaurant for that matter), it’s always a personal opinion – and that everyone has a different preference when it comes to subjective matter like food. And remember that Yelp shouldn’t be external brain, and you should form your own opinions.

Congratulations to Ralph and Hot House Pizza!

Hot House Pizza Hoboken NJ interior space

Description: Authentic Pizza Parlor
Address: 606 2nd St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)222-0504

hot house pizza menu Hoboken NJ sm

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014 2:46 pm

Our new go to pizza in Hoboken.

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