Hoboken Week in Review – 3/2/2008

3/2/2008 Detox:

Other than the standard drunken incidents, yesterday was an excellent day. Most people seemed to be under control. I recall overhearing on the live Hoboken police and fire scanner (which is back online for everyone again) that there were “47 customers served” yesterday by the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corp. Not bad. Also the key phrase on the radio was “city ordinance issued,” which probably meant “another $1000 in the bank” for the city.

The usual Hoboken411 Week in Review graphic is being replaced today with a “Let’s clean your system out” optical illusion. Just kind of look at this out of the corner of your eye, and it will appear to be moving. It should push you over the edge enough to rid yourself of whatever toxins are left in your body heh heh.

If you need to hurl, look at this picture


Read the Top 10 articles this week that had the hottest chat action in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day 2008
    By far the most discussed overall topic last week, including:

  2. Real Estate Developer #1:
    Tarragon’s quarterly update wasn’t so shiny
  3. Real Estate Developer #2:
    Toll Brothers ain’t doing so well. Oily Arabs inject cash in their business
  4. We have to fight for open space
    More news on the Southwest redevelopment area
  5. They’re watching us!
    The Hoboken Money Van is captured on film
  6. We have to fight for public records
    Councilwoman Beth Mason takes on the city to get what we’re entitled to get
  7. Paper or plastic?
    Some small businesses don’t like accepting credit cards for small purchases. That’s a no-no
  8. Ka-Ching!
    Parking rates go up in the city. Along with gas prices and the crappy economy, having a car is costly.
  9. What’s up with Peter ShamCammarano?
    Councilman is under investigation for his Election Reports
  10. Cops get abused, then slapped in the face on top of it
    Under fierce media pressure, the city finally responds to the whole racist/SWAT/Hooter debacle by ambiguously handing out “disciplinary action” against… some cops without names…

Other notable items of interest

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