Clarke’s – Doomed

Clarke’s doomed in Hoboken

Well, as fast as they changed the name from Four L’s to Clarke’s – the place seems shuttered now.

One less bar to choose from for New Year’s Eve now, I guess.

Clarkes Hoboken NJ closed - Clarke's - Doomed

Clarke’s Bar / Restaurant – Hoboken, NJ – 208 Washington St.


Replacing Four L’s is a new bar / restaurant in Hoboken at 208 Washington Street called Clarke’s. Not sure if they’re the same owners re-branding (like Mills Tavern / Whiskey Bar did), but the phone number is still the same.

Not to be confused with the renowned P.J. Clarke’s in NYC – Clarke’s appears to be an “ordinary upscale wannabe” bar / restaurant. Beers, spirits, and an above-average priced menu. Stuff like $14 hamburgers (my dad would cringe) and $16 plates of pasta that probably cost like $0.47 to make.

Well, we’re pretty certain the food will be good (for the first few weeks at least), but in the end – it’s just another outlet to dispose of your earned income. Perhaps they’ll find a niche and have a good following. It certainly helps that they’re relatively close to the PATH station. I wish them well, and hope they make a name for themselves in Hoboken.

Side note: One of the keys to developing a good strong customer base for a bar in town is exceptional service (and good “perceived” value, of course.) Equally important is minimal staff turnover. When your employees get to know the regulars, and good repertoire is established, the foundation for your business grows stronger. Keep that in mind, fellow business owners!

Clarkes Hoboken NJ - Clarke's - Doomed

Description: Clarke’s Bar / Restaurant Stunning display of papered windows.
Address: 208 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)876-8500
Email: TBD
Online: TBD

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014 2:00 pm

I guess NYE tickets were moving slow 🙂

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