Big Belly FAIL No. 497

Big Belly Solar bins FAIL in Hoboken – Time to pull the plug!

We make a point here at Hoboken411 to highlight the hypocrisy (and lunacy) in Hoboken. Because no one else dares to. Why citizen watchdogs have to keep your so-called “elected” officials in check is just a sad state of affairs.

What’s worse is that even after showing multiple examples of something that just simply does not work (like these Big Belly Solar Robot Bins) – they keep believing everything is just fine! “Nothing wrong here, folks!”

That’s akin to the mental retardation a woman in a physically abusive relationship has – who keeps being “in love” with a man that bashes her face in regularly. They just want to believe their own fucked up fantasy. I mean when these companies like Big Belly come to pitch their products at city hall, do they put “date rape” drugs in the coffee?

Anyway – here’s yet another Big Belly FAIL. This time it’s not a busted handle, it’s a jammed opening overflowing with garbage. I told you, you can barely get balled up pieces of copy paper in them.

I’d have an ounce of respect for the city if they did the right thing and said: “Yep. We were wrong. These were a bad idea. We’re going to go back to regular bins!”

big belly solar cans filled to the brim overflowing

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I love going into Union City with plant of garbage cans that are regularly emptied. And get this they don’t just pick up the leaves one in the parks. Every week they are out there keeping the parks lovely! Thank you Mayor Stack and I should add Fulop on the JC parks too.


Not even the dogs are fooled. I wish I had a camera of my dog jumping all over the big belly can because he could not be fooled that this was actually less of a scent. With the doors opened it won’t be long before a skunk get in one of them.