Parsans Creative

Parsans Creative in Hoboken, NJ

Found this message in the junk email folder the other day. Looked like any other sort of pitch to try and sell something. In this case, creative greeting cards and photo shoots. But it turned out to be a local Hoboken business called Parsans Creative.

Parsans Creative Hoboken NJ

Photo shoot and holiday cards for just $99 bucks?

The general email was simply these two images, indicating that you can get a custom photo shoot and greeting card package for just about any occasion (holidays, babies, dogs) starting at just $99.00.

I tried researching a little bit more about Parsans Creative – but they don’t seem to have any online presence (no website, no social media page). Just a phone number, email address and “Clinton Street” as their location. That leads me to believe they’re working out of their home. I sent them a message but didn’t get a response.

I suppose most people use mega-online companies like Shutterfly, but perhaps if you’re interested in supporting a “local” business you might want to give Parsans Creative a try. But without knowing exactly who’s “behind the lens,” you ought to use your own judgment.

Parsans Creative Hoboken NJ Clinton Street

Description: Photo shoots and greeting cards
Address: “Clinton Street” Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 973-214-3047
Online: Nada.

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