The Inner Athlete

The Inner Athlete helps your kids in Hoboken

If you’re half-awake, you’ll surely have noticed how technology has replaced most of a kid’s activities these days. “Playing” outside used to be the NORM, now it is the exception. And new Hoboken start-up fitness company for kids called The Inner Athlete recognizes that!

The inner athlete Hoboken NJ - The Inner Athlete

Founder Lisa Hantman created The Inner Athlete to get kids off the couch, and out exercising their bodies while having fun: “Things have drastically changed in the past thirty years. Lots of children do not play outside anymore due to safety concerns, activity overload, or other restrictions. Instead of playing outside, many children are inside, tempted by technology and using it to excess. Technology is an amazing tool that has enhanced our lives in many ways but somehow it has replaced one of the most important parts of childhood… ACTIVE PLAY!”

The Inner Athlete has several kinds of classes which run 50 minutes each, and are held once a week (after school, of course).

While I think it’s kind of a shame that our “modern” has society has led us down this path – it’s great that Lisa and her team have stepped up to provide this option for parents in town.

Classes start officially next week. Email for more information on how to sign up!

Description: The Inner Athlete. Get your fat, lazy kids moving!
Address: Various Hoboken parks and facilities.
Online: theinnerathlete.netTwitterFacebook

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