Show Nail & Spa

Show Nail Spa Hoboken NJ now open - Show Nail & Spa

Coming Soon: Show Nail & Spa – 804 Washington St.

Such exciting news! Another nail salon / spa is coming to Hoboken: Show Nail & Spa at 804 Washington Street.

Well, I was sort of being sarcastic. This is proof in one single parcel of real estate how “outsourced” people’s lives are getting. It used to be a laundromat – where (omigosh) some people actually did their own laundry!

I suppose enough people now pay someone else to do that god-awful manual labor to cause laundromats to fail (hence why “app-based” startups like Washio are in the news these days).

And I guess there is still enough discretionary spending going on in town to keep the superficial businesses coming to feed the overly narcissistic populous. Because if your nails look awesome, you can reach unimaginable heights in your life! And what is your Instagram page without some fabulous photos of your own digits? Nothing! Yeah!

Show Nail Spa Hoboken NJ - Show Nail & Spa

Description: Show Nail – Nail Salon.
Address: 804 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD

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