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Hoboken Board of Education Election Today

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. The Hoboken Board of Education election is today. Got that?

Are you one that feels the whole thing is kind of unnecessary? Then continue below…

Hoboken Board of Education Election November 4 2014 - Board of Ed election

“Board of Education” just divides community – dissolve it!

I was thinking about this more and more over the past few weeks. And I came to the conclusion that the Hoboken Board of Education has been a THORN in the side of the city for way too long. For one, these so-called “candidates” and “board members” do one thing great. They DIVIDE the community. The angst between candidates and their supporters is so huge, that all that results is animosity between neighbors and residents. And our kids are still near the bottom-of-the barrel in terms of “results.” What does that tell you?

I’ll tell you: That we no longer need a “board” of anyone. It’s counter-productive.

Make a single person responsible

Hoboken board of education is it necessary - Board of Ed electionI suggest the following:

Forget a “board.” Forget all of that political nonsense. Just have ONE administrator, superintendent, or president (whatever “label” you want to use), and call it a day.

Make that position “electable,” and create a staggered (up to) four year term. But each elected “administrator” would have GOALS they need to meet. Those “goals” must be using information that is available to the public at the same time it’s available to anyone.

And if they do not meet those said “goals” in the first 10 months – then they are automatically OUSTED, and there is a NEW election the next year. If they meet their 1st year goals, then they get a 2nd year, and so on. Create definable metrics which can be calculated and measured. Whomever is elected needs to meet those goals, or hits the highway.

Having a “divisive” board of obviously different-minded people doesn’t equate to “progress.” It just results in static and zero advancement of what may (or may not) be potentially positive changes. The “tribe mentality” of the whole Board of Education cluster-fuck should be eradicated. It’s not beneficial to the community whatsoever.

Will this ever happen? NO.

A sound-minded “mayor,” or any other elected person would make something like this a priority, along with eliminating red-tape and all other excessive administrative processes. But they ALL know that the more you complicate things, the more you ensure their PAYCHECKS. So expecting “simplification” over “complication” is a pipe dream.

So ask yourself the following question(s): “Why have I not heard any proposals about how we can REDUCE the size of our government?” – “How come the talks of budget cuts are far and few between,” – “Why haven’t my property taxes been reduced as much as the “mayor” promised during her campaign pleas?”

Once you’re in a position of power – nothing matters…

You see – many candidates campaign on positive changes. But what happens once they attain a position of so-called “power,” all bets are out the window. The ego-boosting charge they get from being “in charge” often RUINS their “grassroots” reason for seeking such a position. Such a shame.

The same goes for any position of perceived “relative” power. For one, the constituents actually enable such a power-structure. They refuse to realize that any person in “power” is nothing more than an ordinary person. It’s the POPULOUS which enable such morons to “lead” us. That is a major-league issue most ordinary people will be unable to comprehend.

Here’s a tidbit to challenge all of you: Think about the “in charge” vs. the “in charge of.” That number is at least a HUNDRED TO ONE. So what is preventing all of us from “taking back who’s in charge?” Ah ha! Now you get it…

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014 8:14 am

Changing the rules for less government and more accountability? Unheard of.

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