Selective Poop Enforcement

That’s Hoboken! {Selective poop enforcement}

Hoboken is home to several thousand dogs. And along with all those fecal-matter producing canines (and their otherwise responsible owners), comes almost draconian enforcement of said “poop laws.” But when “friends” of the city administration want to throw (what amounts to) a personal party on public space (like the recent Harvest Festival at Pier A Park) we have a big case of selective poop enforcement.

Hoboken Harvest Festival Selective Poop Enforcement

Holy Horse Shit Batman!

While good people with obedient dogs get harassed for taking their four-legged friends on the grass at (the few) city parks – even though they pick up after their dogs, take a look at this shit!

During that “harvest festival” (which was sparsely attended anyway), horses were dropping huge piles of turds around all the walkways surrounding the park. The city finds it okay to “look the other way” and hold no one responsible for the cleanup. Maybe since there’s no solar-powered robotic horse shit contraption, the city is clueless as to how to handle?

Harvest Festival Horse Poop Hoboken NJ but no dogs allowed

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As evidenced by the lack of Proper Public Health Measures in Hoboken- lack of sanitation ie, open garbage, bikes on sidewalks impeding pedestrian passage and total lack of concern for increasing rabies carrying populations of animals the city, The City of Hoboken is clearly out of touch with the duty of Public Health. Try talking to our public health officer and see how his opinion get suppressed by the administration.