Solar Trash Fraud?

Robotic Solar Trash Fraud in Hoboken?

Hoboken Big Belly Solar Trash Fraud - Solar Trash Fraud?When the city of Hoboken unveiled dozens of those unsightly robotic trash bins all over the place – they were hailed as the next big step in municipal garbage maintenance. But what they appear to be is nothing more than solar trash fraud.

These extremely costly solar-powered bins were supposed to “save” property taxpayer money and city employee time – by COMPACTING the trash (less frequent pickups) and then “communicating” with the city when they were ready to be emptied (increased efficiency).

Well, as evidenced below – they do NOT compact anything. Not one item in either the recycling bins or the regular bins were crushed at all. We’ve never seen a crushed bag of refuse. Not once.

So either the city got ripped off (or a friendly contractor got a nice payday) for a product that does not do what was promised – or these things are just broken and should be fixed for free. If I were the city, I’d demand a full refund and put the “old-fashioned” garbage cans in like we always had.

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I tried to address Sanitation issues, that attract ever growing populations of vermin, with Mr. Peligrino himself as well as the Mayor’s staff and unfortunately they can’t hear for the reliance on falling back on either prepared media clips or straw men. Juan Melli could only point to the electronic can and say that THIS was the solution. Meanwhile in Council the Admin aligned members claim that the electronic cans are only for “trash” not “garbage” – that it is illegal to put garbage in these cans.