Lo Fatt Chow

Lo Fatt Chow Chinese in Hoboken, NJ

There are many Chinese restaurants in Hoboken, NJ – just like pretty much any city in the country. But an interesting (what seems “behind the trend”) Chinese restaurant opened up recently at the Monroe Center in Hoboken: Lo Fatt Chow.

“Low Fat” was a big trend for the past three or four decades. We’ve LONG SINCE debunked that theory. It’s wrong. Look at all the super-fat fucks walking around the malls of America eating “low fat yogurt” and you have an OBVIOUS answer. It plainly DOES NOT WORK. Period, the end – it’s a proven fact.

But somehow – this Chinese place seems to think they can glom on the trend??

Frankly – I still think this horrible “low” (or “Lo”) fat (or “Fatt”) trend still has staying power. Because the word “fat” still makes people think of their less-desirable parts, and believe it’s the “fat” they’re eating is what’s causing their body anomalies. NO. Read the latest Wheat Belly – and consider yourself “empowered.” Otherwise – just bitch and moan and be a fat fuck. But “feel good” for ordering “Lo Fatt!”

But we heard the place is presently doing things “right,” and have built a bit of a customer base. We’ll see how long that lasts. Hopefully a long time (for them…)

Lo Fatt Chow Hoboken NJ bullshit - Lo Fatt Chow

Description: Chinese Restaurant / Kitchen
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ 07020
Phone: (201)798-50500
Online: lofattchow-hoboken-nj.com/

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Here’s a great presentation by Credit Suisse on how fat was vilified in the 1970s then replaced with sugar, which is far worse:


It’s little wonder that the USA’s transformation to shambling mounds of carb-faced mega fauna started in the 70s.

And somewhat OT: if you really want to see an amazing collection of overfed monsters who look like they are hiding truck inner tubes under their tent-dresses as they huff and puff, barely making it from the parking lot to the visitors’ lobby, pay a visit to Grounds for Sculpture near Princeton. You may not remember the gimmicky art the next week but the human horror show will haunt your nightmares for weeks to come.


Place is LEGIT! welcome to the neighborhood 8)


When I moved to Hoboken we gave up on Chinese food. A few bad meals made me give up.

We saw Lo Fatt Chow open up and gave it a try.
The food was really good. Tasted fresh and did not leave us hungry 20 minutes later like most Chinese food restaurants. That is a sign to me that they cook “right.”
I hope they succeed!


I look at the grocery shelfs and the labeling on containers, I can not figure out which container is the one WITH the fat. I want the real food, the traditional recipe, not some chemically modified version.