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Retro Fitness opening soon in Hoboken

Retro Fitness is almost ready to open up at 130 Washington Street.

The most curious aspect of this new gym are these odd “cell phone lockers” which no one will use. Because you have two types of people. Those that leave their phones home, and those who cannot stop looking at them. Whatever.

They have two membership options. A basic membership for $20 per month, and a “VIP” membership for $40 per month. Each plan has those bullshit “enrollment fees” and “processing fees” which amounts $130 for jack squat.

Regardless, it’s a fair priced gym membership.

I’m guessing NYSC will have to lower their prices, or their days are numbered.

Description: Fitness Center. Open till 11pm M-F, 7pm on weekends.
Address: 130 Washington Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, 07030
Phone: (201)687-9078

Retro Fitness – Hoboken, NJ – 130 Washington St.

4/30/2015 Update:

What does the Retro Fitness opening up at the old Hudson Athletic Club at 130 Washington Street mean to you?

This is pretty much great news for fitness (and budget) oriented Hoboken residents. Because at the moment – there is only one “cheap” gym (other than your own two legs) and that’s Planet Fitness. However, while Planet Fitness has very low monthly non-committal rates, some more upper-echelon pseudo athletes are dismayed at their relatively “weakling” lineup of strengthening apparatus.

But Retro Fitness seems to have heavier weights to lift – and a bigger selection of muscle-striation enhancing choices – which will be quite compelling. Additionally, this location will make downtown commuters happy with the proximity to the PATH, etc.

Good luck, Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness Hoboken NJ 130 Washington - Retro Fitness

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Monday, October 27, 2014 9:21 am

Hey say what you want about “pseudo athletes” but the best part about this place (other than the fact they have real free weights) is that the membership tag gets you into all of the other locations for when you life takes you out of town. Check out the location map — there are plenty. I’m partial to the Piscataway location, which has three squat racks and a lower % of kids and douche bags who don’t understand gym etiquette.

One thing I haven’t tried is cancel a membership. Gyms are notorious for their games and evasions. Retro is no exception if internet compliant boards are any indication.

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