Lost and Found quagmire

Lost and Found not found and assumed lost on social media

Okay, sure – maybe social media has “aided” in certain high-profile events in the past half-decade or so. But we feel it’s the exception rather than the norm. I think “Lost and Found” stuff on social media has a better chance of remaining lost (or remaining found and not returned to their rightful owner). But why is that?

Well – the sickness of social media itself is the reason why “found” things don’t get returned and remain forever “lost.”

Lost and found on social media

Looking at your phone doesn’t help you FIND things!

Think about this for a minute. Especially if something is “lost.” If there is a social media “pledge” to “please help me find… so and so item,” the odds that it remains LOST today are much greater than days past.

One, because as we documented last week – the “Text Necks Syndrome” has blown up! People are NOT looking around. No fucking way! And if they do – it’s for the God Damn MILLISECOND they look away from their phones (usually to avoid falling or bumping into someone). Posting your “lost and found” item on social media is useless (unless you’re a big-breasted celebrity skank – they your crap gets “found” like yesterday).

You see – when you post something on social media – you get what you deserve. Not a conscious audience that’s observant and aware. No way. You get people that are spending their time looking down at their phones. They will not remember your precious “lost” item for longer than it takes them to tap away at an “Awww” response. You’re wasting your time.

Better bet? Go to the source where you lost your item

The best way (without wasting time on social media) is to go to the exact place you (believe you) lost your item. They have security cameras most of the time, and can discern what happened and when. And if it’s found, they’ll be the first place to contact you. The police station is also a place where Good Samaritans return valuable items they find.

Best bet? Try not losing your stuff! And if you’re prone to losing things, stop buying very expensive things!

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