Saturday Brunch Party

10th & Willow hosts Saturday Brunch Party in Hoboken

As with most restaurants in Hoboken, a weekend “brunch” is nothing more than a special menu offering. But how many places market their brunch as a “brunch party?” Only one that I know of – 10th & Willow Bar & Grill.

This Saturday, October 25th from 1pm to 5pm (and once a month through the winter), 10th & Willow is offering up something a little more “super-charged” than an ordinary brunch menu. This is a Saturday Brunch Party, complete with a DJ spinning tunes, and drink specials. Call it a “boozy brunch” if you must. Certainly makes a regular Saturday afternoon a bit more exciting doesn’t it?

In addition to a brunch menu – you get $2 Coors Light on tap, plus $30 Carafes of Mimosas. Be sure to “dress to impress” as a brunch party is NOT meant for people in pajama pants and Ugg slippers. Got that?

Call (201)653-2358 to make reservations and ensure yourself a spot.

Saturday Brunch Party Hoboken NJ 10th Willow Bar Grill October 25

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