60 Second Review: McLoone’s

McLoone’s Pier House – Tasteful quality in Hoboken

Tucked away in the northeast corner of Hoboken is a very nice upscale bar restaurant called McLoone’s Pier House (which replaced LUA). And what you’ll find inside is something that hits the mark as “just right” for Hoboken. Not overly pretentious, certainly not “skimpy” and one of the nicest NYC views you can get in town.

McLoone's Pier House Hoboken NJ 60 second review

McLoone’s is spacious and comfortable

For one, the restaurant (which is part of a family-owned group of around 10 locations) is laid out well. The bar is welcoming, and the tables are not too congested. Comfortable seating as well. It doesn’t feel cheap, nor does it feel stuffy.

mcloones pier house bar hoboken NJ

But how’s the food at McLoone’s?

We sampled a selection of their menu items recently – and share photos and our thoughts below.

Crab Cakes

Want to try out their most popular item? Then the McLoone’s Crab Cake is your choice. Fresh crab, very little breading, on top of a broccoli “slaw,” and some dollops of citrus tartar. It was well done, and best enjoyed slowly so you can savor the taste. $16.

crab cake mcloone's pier house hoboken NJ

Buffalo Chicken Wontons

Tangy buffalo chicken in a light crispy wonton shell? Does that sound good to you? It should, and it is. Quite addictive, and I wouldn’t recommend sharing. Let everyone get their own basket of them. Comes with bleu cheese and some celery. $9.50.

buffalo chicken wonton mcloones pier house hoboken nj

Filet Mignon Skewers

Called “beef skewers” on the menu, they’re actually tender, melt in your mouth filet mignon. An otherwise “standard” teriyaki taste is made better with a choice cut of meat. Filet is forgiving, and you can ask for them “well done” without compromising the tenderness of the meat. $16.

filet mignon skewers mcloones pier house hoboken nj

filet mignon skewer mcloone's pier house hoboken NJ

Crab & Avocado Tower

A very interesting and unique menu item is the Crab & Avocado Tower. Fresh (cold) crab meat, topped with sweet mango and ripe avocado. A delicious, refreshing and satiating choice, and it’s grain-free and has plenty of good fat from the avocado. $18.

crab avocado tower mcloone's pier house hoboken NJ

Can McLoone’s make a burger?

I always like to use the basic cheeseburger and fries as a “test” of whether a restaurant has their shit together. If they can’t do that right, it’s that much harder to trust their other menu items. McLoone’s passed the test, as the burger was substantial and easy to manage. They’re still apparently “experimenting” with their fries – and is one thing I would want improved. $12.50.

cheeseburger fries mcloone's pier house hoboken NJ

Surprising Warm Lobster Roll

Lastly – we checked out what McLoone’s said was a menu item that “surprises” many guests. When you think “lobster roll,” most of the time it’s cold lobster. McLoone’s is a variation, served with warm lobster, shallots and mushrooms sauteed in a sherry cream sauce and served in a Portuguese roll. I liked the flavor of the filling, and opted out of the bread. Felt like “comfort food” to me. $22.

warm lobster roll mcloone's pier house hoboken NJ

McLoone’s a solid dining choice in Hoboken

You see – just because McLoone’s may be considered “above average” in price – in this instance we feel it’s worth it. Because you’re not receiving tiny plates of food while getting rushed out of the establishment.

The location and atmosphere is often part of the price you pay when you eat at a restaurant anyway, and McLoone’s also delivers a decent amount of food for your money.

The staff was friendly, and service was prompt. Being the 10th location means they have a little experience, you know?

You can call McLoone’s at (201)798-0002 to make reservations. Below is a myriad of menus you can peruse before you visit for the first time. Keep in mind they have happy hour specials as well – so if you want to give them a try while being kinder on the wallet – it’s a good option to have.

McLoone’s Pier House Menus

Regular menus

Special Menus

Wine Lists

comfortable seating mcloones pier house hoboken nj

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