Flashback Hoboken: Fall 2006

Flashback Hoboken: Fall 2006 {back in the day}

Dusting off some old “photo albums” so we can take a walk down memory lane to see what was going on in Hoboken back in the Fall of 2006 (that’s eight years ago for the mathematically challenged).

Today’s Flashback Hoboken segment is businesses that are no longer with us in any capacity.

Seattle Cafe at Hoboken Terminal

Always enjoyed Seattle Cafe back when I used to work in NYC. They had an enormous selection of mediocre food, but you could always find at least one above average item. Their location at Lackawanna Plaza was the same. Unfortunately, they’re long gone.

Seattle Cafe Hoboken NJ Lackawanna Train Station - Flashback Hoboken: Fall 2006

Pieces of Hoboken {boutiques are not easy}

Before the “Crash of 2008,” things weren’t so bad in Hoboken. But one of the first things to go are “niche boutiques” that sell what amount to “luxury” items. They get lopped off the list of discretionary spending when times get tough. Pieces of Hoboken (then “Bridge Boutique”) was one of those places.

The Chinese Massage Parlor that eventually replaced it did okay for a few years, but that too, is now doomed.

Pieces of Hoboken flashback 636 Washington Street - Flashback Hoboken: Fall 2006

Juice wasn’t what it used to be

Juice bars were all the rage years ago. I guess enough people who thought that 1500 calories of (what amounted to) sugar in a cup wasn’t such a healthy idea after all.

Juice Zone at 614 Washington St. is Cigar and Tobacco Warehouse today. A much more sustainable model!

Hoboken Juice Zone Doomed Smoke Shop Flashback - Flashback Hoboken: Fall 2006

About Flashback Hoboken
Flashback Hoboken is a new photographic / history section on Hoboken411.com (introduced in October 2014).

Continuing to grow the largest and longest-running original Hoboken Photography collection available anywhere online, “Flashback” takes us on a stroll through days past to see what the city of Hoboken looked like at a given point in time.

From long-gone businesses, to important events that happened – we bring them back to life to not only show new residents what their current city WAS like, but for long-time residents to strengthen their power of recollection.

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