Bomb Scares = Over!

Please make “bomb scares” go away! Not effective anymore!

Every fucking week, the stupid NJ news “media” feels obligated to “report” so-called “bomb scares.”

We have NOT had a bombing of any major transportation junction EVER. Think about that for a minute… If you need two, five or thirty minutes to think about that… take your time. But please let that sink in.

We are not Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc. We do not have subway bombings. Ever.

But the so-called “news media” just injects FEAR into people. Day after day. Year after year. And by repeating the phrase “bomb scare,” most stupid idiots don’t even realize that WE HAVE NEVER HAD A BOMBING INCIDENT! They just feel the “fear” and dramatization of what a big-bad “bomb” exploding would be like. (All without the actual bomb exploding, people dying, and identified subjects, etc.)

Perhaps they’re just “conditioning” people?

bomb scaredy cats Hoboken NJ transit path police - Bomb Scares = Over!

Make the bomb scare reports stop, Jimmy Tango!

It’s time the “media” stop reporting each and every fear-mongering report of what may or may not be something bad happening (or about or feared to) happen. We always thought “news” reported on what ACTUALLY happened. A “false” event NOT happening is NOT news whatsoever.

Perhaps the news should also make “news” about a failed weather forecast that called for “12 to 18 inches of snow,” when only 2 inches fell? Should they blast social networks with that too?

We think those “bomb scare” updates should come EXCLUSIVELY from the entities that are announcing them (like the PATH, MTA, NJ Transit, etc.) The “news” has no business repeating that garbage anymore – especially since it has a 100% track record OF BEING FALSE. For over a decade. At what point do you “call it quits?” Or does making people “live in fear” float their boats?

How to properly handle “crisis” situations

Continuing the point from above – “news” media preys on fear and worry. 100% no doubt. Even if they KNOW it’s NOT news, if it falls into the “fear” or “worry” category, they WILL publish it – because there is the CHANCE that it will increase their RATINGS (which in turn may or may not increase revenue).

By “reporting” every “false” scare, it’s our belief that the “news” organizations are actually doing a MAJOR disservice to the general population.

One, repeating “bomb scare” over and over – it numbs the people down. They don’t care after the 10th false bomb scare – in turn that makes them unprepared if a REAL one happens.

So people are un-affected by your bomb scares – NOW WHAT?

Here’s a crazy idea. “The Powers That Be” might get worried that their constant “fear tactics” are having a lesser effect on the population at large. What then?

How do those psychopaths get to the “next stage?” Or are we already there…?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014 10:09 am

Litigious nation. Fear of crushing lawsuits if or when something tragic happens. CYA is the name of the game.

Oh, and justification for soaring budgets, jobs and pensions.

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