Hoboken Missed Connections


I’m sure most of you have seen the ever-popular “missed connections” section over on Craigslist

Some are to find a person who they haven’t seen in years, but it seems most are “love at first sight” postings. I’ve always wondered about these people, who “exchange glances” or smiles, or even brief conversation, but rarely have the guts to speak up. It also seems that more men are ISO than women.

Only later do their hearts yearn for more of this particular person that they jump online and publish an attempt to re-connect with this person. Even if they get rejected, at least they can say they tried.

Have any of you tried it?

I can understand in situations where it’s not possible to even have the chance to strike up conversation (such as in the two subway cars depicted in the cartoon), but how successful are the missed connections messages anyway?

I’ll try to publish the Hoboken messages each week here on Hoboken411 (with link to Craigslist anonymous email address) – up to five per week. However, if you want you can also send me an email and I’ll publish your missed connection here as well (be sure to sign up for a new email address, like gmail or yahoo, independent of one you use regularly.)


Here are a few from the month of February (email embedded in each title):

Long lost love….
Looking for Liana W – m4w – 33
I wonder if you’re still out there. I heard a rumor that you got married and i’ve kept my fingers crossed that you haven’t. I always had a big soft spot for you and i always regret losing touch with you for all these years. Now i have no idea where you are. Are you living in edison or still hoboken?

Never really had the chance to look you in the eyes and tell you that i love you. There has to be someone out there who knows Liana. She had a lot of friends and someone has to read this. Please say something.

In search of a particular person from the past…
Where is Shirod “Trey” Miller??? – m4m – 28
Hello all. I am looking for Trey Miller from Hoboken – originally from Mississippi. If you know of him or his whereabouts please respond as this is urgent. Thank You

Here’s one from the “psych ward”…
to Tom from Sue from the psych ward – w4m – 38
When we met I was at my worst. I remember some things but not all. I feel that I owe you an apology – you put up with the odd things that I said and still managed to listen. I want you to know that I am okay and happy, despite what I said in the hospital. I don’t know what was wrong with you or where you went. I was too out of it to ask. Were you really reading about Buddhism? I would like to talk with you about it. I would like to talk with you again – I want to get to know you better, and I want to be there for you if you need anything.

Often at a bar…
The Shannon – m4w – 24
Never done this before but it’s worth a shot. Thursday night, you were low on your vodka/club but you left before I had the chance to buy you another. You looked interesting. I was working that night. Missed connection.

-Clark Kent

Many times in coffee shops…
Hoboken – m4w – 31
We saw each other at the Dunkin Donuts at 8th and Washington. You were with your family(?). We locked eyes a bunch of times…one time you took a long time to lick your fingers.

You are beautiful. If you felt an attraction/connection too and want to meet up or just talk, email me and let me know who was sitting in the front seat of your car while you ran in/out of D&D.

There were a few others.. like in the sauna at the gym(?), and certain posts are kind of creepy.. but you be the judge!

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Sounds like a Hoboken Missed Connection…

almost crossed the street … – m4w

before you hit me with your car. i guess it’s not exactly a “missed” connection. i figure i don’t have much else to do here in my hospital bed so i’ll write you a little note and let you know what i was doing out there alone in the middle of the intersection. basically, i was trying to get to the other side of the street. then i saw you: starry-eyed, entranced with whoever you were talking to on your cell phone. i wished it was me on the other end of that line instead of under your car. i wish we could’ve met some other way or even at all for that matter. i don’t blame you for just driving away; not noticing the unconcious speed bump that loves you. you’re not ready for this and i’m not sure i am either. i do know this . . . if you’re interested maybe we could meet up next month when i’m released and i could help clean up some of the blood i think i might have accidentally spurted onto your vehicle. maybe we could get dinner or something. i’ll drive.



MR, 😆 very well done.


Very nice Midnightracer…very nice! :mrgreen:


Great, this thread has potential. The Rant Board was getting boring.


Here’s one…

We parted ways at the Short Hills mall parking lot, maybe section green or blue, I’m not sure. But I haven’t been able to find you since. I walk around with my keys jingling, pressing the button in hopes of hearing from you, somewhere out there. We’re meant to be together. Remember the day we saw each other at the dealership? You wore that beautiful protective paper covering your delicate areas to guard against the grease monkeys who just wanted to check out what’s under your hood. I know we’ll be together again. I’ll be in this parking lot for as long as it takes, pushing this button, hoping to you call back to me.