Boot = Theft

Parking boots in Hoboken have to stop!

So much for the city stopping the tyrannical process of STEALING your property and holding it ransom. Take a look at this recently booted car.

Hoboken parking boot hell  - Boot = Theft

Booting with Hoboken residential stickers (and no temp tags!)

What’s worse about this particular boot – is that the person had a residential parking sticker too. That means they’ve previously voluntarily gave the city money for this stupid “privilege” of parking on the street.

Couldn’t they call the resident? Why literally STEAL hundreds of dollars?

Oh, and even if the sticker was “expired,” the resident wouldn’t have been able to buy one of those “scratch off” hang tags eitherbecause the city of Hoboken RAN OUT of them. How do you run out of hang tags? How are people going to park “temporarily?”

Our guess is that they don’t have a sufficient “inventory system” and someone was helping themselves to many of them. Wonder who it was?

Hoboken parking boot hell with residential stickers - Boot = Theft

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