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300 homes or rooms for rent in Hoboken via airbnb

If you haven’t heard about it already, airbnb (lowercase by design) is an online service that allows people to find short-term tenants for their rooms, apartments, condos or brownstones. airbnb was a pioneer in this field five years ago, but have many competitors now.

Whether to make a little side money – or really put your place to “revenue-generating use” if you travel or spend extended periods away from where you live (like if you have a 2nd home, beach house or ski house), this is the basic concept of “supply and demand.” Someone wants a room, you have a room, and a financial agreement / transaction takes place.

Seems fair to me! And around there are currently around 300 people in Hoboken that feel the same way.

But local governments everywhere are up in arms about this new form of capitalism. Citing local ordinances, they claim that ordinary people just making an “honest trade” like this is illegal.

Translation? They’re pissed as hell that they cannot skim money from the transaction. Plain and simple. They resort to these archaic laws to knock down micro-entrepreneurs instead of empowering them. Sort of the way political bobble heads don’t like services like Uber and Lyft either. All about the moolah!

airbnb hoboken nj rentals

Going beyond airbnb – other companies fill voids

Anytime a pioneering web service comes out (like eBay for instance), other niche companies follow to “fill the void” for services the others don’t have or haven’t introduced yet. Same with social networks (Hootsuite for instance manages all your useless “feeds” in one place).

airbnb is no exception, as companies like have emerged to help airbnb “hosts” with services like home cleaning, key exchanges and other “concierge” type services.

Renting Your Place also offers a service called AirDnA which are data and analytical reports that arm airbnb hosts with the right information on how to price their units, what your competition might be offering, and so on.

You can get the pricing range in Hoboken:

airdna pricing chart Hoboken NJ airbnb

Or see what typical “minimum stays” other airbnb hosts are offering in Hoboken…

airdna reservation settings Hoboken NJ airbnb

If you’re new to the whole airbnb game, is a great place to quickly get up to speed with how the whole ecosystem works, and how to better your chances at occupying your place. You can also read the Renting Your Place blog for more information.

Will Hoboken “crack down” on airbnb users?

I can only imagine it’s a matter of time (if they already haven’t started) that the puppets at city hall make some kind of announcement trying to crack down on lowly Hoboken residents trying everything they can to earn a little extra pocket money to help soften the humongous blow from the over-inflated property tax bill.

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