Hoboken Week in Review – 2/24/2008


One week left of liver conditioning left before “obligitory” booze-fest next weekend!

One week from today, many of you may be severely hungover from the annual “biggest party of the year” in Hoboken, the St. Patty’s Day parade. Not sure why I mentioned that, but perhaps that’ll serve as a reminder to give your liver a rest?

Greetings again to all the new readers that have joined since the last Hoboken Week in Review.

Hoboken411 has grown at such a rapid rate, it’s becoming time to plan yet another server upgrade, among (many) other things!

Read the Top 10 articles this week that had the hottest chat action in Hoboken!


Hottest topics of the week

  1. White men CAN vote!
    National media believes that the disgruntled white man is the key to presidential victory .
  2. No English mean less points
    Egg Roll delivery “executive” missed the “please don’t crash car” sign on Willow Ave.
  3. We want parks
    The push for parks over mediocre construction carries on
  4. Drunk
    Annual Hoboken money-maker is about to launch.
  5. Carbs, anyone?
    A proclaimed scientist communicates his beliefs. Many “educated” 411 readers disagree with an MBA dude.
  6. P stands for parking and payments
    Don’t forget to add “Plundering” to the mix…
  7. I’m sea sick
    Readers wonder if the broad on the boat was really sick of the old dude!
  8. Hoboken is north of the border
    However, if your business hires illegal aliens, well, you’ll be up the creek soon…
  9. Hoboken loves secrets
    A resident and councilwoman is seeking records. The city does what it can to prevent it.
  10. Blockbuster movies moving?
    Heard on the street: video rental place might be re-locating.

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