Adorable Hoboken Kittens!

Adorable Hoboken Kittens for adoption!

A couple weeks ago, long time resident Vinnie Amato saved a tiny little grey kitten off the streets (it surely would have perished). He’s known for saving various “feral” cats and finding them good homes..

Adorable Hoboken Kittens for adoption 1

Look how cute this thing is!

Adorable Hoboken Kittens for adoption 2

He actually found another orange tabby cat shortly thereafter as well. They seem like good pals already!

Adorable Hoboken Kittens for adoption 3

Kittens well-cared for – and ready to find a new home

Along with the help of Patty Durmgoole from Hoboken CAP (Companion Animal Placement) – they’ve cared for these furry creatures and they’re now ready for adoption.

You can call Patty at (201)424-5697 to find out how.

Note you have to go through an application process (they screen to make sure the cat finds a safe, stable home with capable owners).

Here are some more photos to melt your heart:

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