Corzine’s dangerous snack at intersection


Governor Jon Corzine is the most powerful politician in New Jersey, and a resident of Hoboken. You’d think he’d be able to pitch in and help us with our parking, intersection and pedestrian safety issues. You want to know why he doesn’t?

Because he’s part of the problem!!


One reader ran into him and his army of security personnel last weekend over at Anthony David’s.

Taken from the pages of the user comments here on Hoboken411:

“I had dinner at Anthony David’s on Sunday evening and apparently Governor Corzine had the same idea.

30 minutes prior to Corzine arriving, three massive black GMC Yukons showed up and parked at the intersection of 10th and Bloomfield. Each SUV was filled with about 4 troopers and each one parked on different corners of the same intersection, blocking pedestrian paths and a fire hydrant. They remained in their vehicles with the engines running. At first we thought there was going to be a raid of some sort on a local residence, but eventually we came to the conclusion Corzine was probably around. 30 minutes later a Mercedes E-Class wagon pulls up with Corzine and woman stepping out. They proceeded to enter the restaurant with security escort and join a party of 15 or more. The security detail continued to monitor the street corners walking around in the rain a bit, while most remained in their vehicles.”

I wonder what their excuses and reactions would have been if there was an accident and someone got hurt. Surely it wouldn’t have been their fault, right? “The Governor is more important than any peon that would have gotten hurt anyway!”

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just want to touch on various points. one, regarding something someone said (think it may have been a ken?)about neither party having creative spending cut solutions. well…have the republicans even had a shot? i mean the dems dominate the legislature and the governorship. so is this a fair statement?
two, the stem cell issue…it’s ironic that creating jobs comes up as a possible factor for why this guy wanted to pass this initiative, when he is the head of a party that believes people should be paid to sit on their ass. his position COMPLETELY overlooked the moral issues that may be present here; it frankly was a very unsophisticated position.
finally…what does all of this have to do with iraq? from what little i can gather, it seems that those who lean toward supporting/defending corzine had to resort to talking about George Bush and Iraq – for some strange reason. maybe watching too much bill maher or something, i dunno.


YipYap, has nothing to do with that. It’s about the underground water.


MidnightRacer care to elaborate?

Does this video make you nervous?


[quote comment=”70172″]

And I truly believe that if we pull out, we’re going to see (eventually) a rise in terrorists coming here.[/quote]

That’s what she said


It’s already done.

October 13-21 over…