Big Belly – but small mouths!

Big Belly robotic trash bins have teeny openings

Every time you walk around Hoboken, you’ll notice that these ridiculous robotic Big Belly solar trash bins (i.e., more excessive gov’t) have trash either on top or around them. Why is that?

As we’ve documented in the past – it’s because these contraptions have such control-freakish features built in. Mainly the paltry opening that reminds you of overhead compartments on planes. You can barely get anything in! And it’s not for “safety” reasons like on a plane. It’s because they don’t want you putting “inappropriate” rubbish inside. And as a result, there is rubbish “inappropriately” spewed all over the place – effectively defeating the purpose of a public trash can to begin with.

Brilliance on display.

Big Belly solar robotic trash bins have small mouths

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Probably a similar tactic to the latest parking and transportation strategy… squeeze capacity and you will lower demand. Also, those things are disgusting to touch.


Hate those fucking things. It was probably me who left that shit there. I predict they’ll be in some recycling mound within a few years. The Solyndra of municipal refuse management.