Board of Ed “Candidates’ Forum”

Hoboken Board of Ed “Candidates’ Forum” tonight

The Hoboken Board of Education, like any government entity in any city – is a bloated organization that’s all talk, filled with contentious debacles, and rarely offers positive results (look at our “test” scores!) About a third of the 9-figure Hoboken annual budget, maybe playing with all that “fun money” is the sole reason why people even want to subject themselves to being a part of it.

Anyway – you want to find out what’s going on for the upcoming circus Hoboken Board of Education election? Check out the Candidates Forum tonight over at the Elks Lodge uptown. Read more below…

Hoboken Board of Education Candidates Forum October 8 2014 7pm - Board of Ed "Candidates' Forum"

Board of Education Candidates’ Forum – Elks Lodge 7pm

“Hoboken voters will be asked to choose three people from among eight candidates campaigning to serve on the nine-member Hoboken Board of Education on the ballot of the November 4, 2014, election.

The Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition and The Elks will conduct a Board of Education Candidates’ Forum on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, at 7 p.m. in the Elks Lodge (1005 Washington Street.) All but two of the eight candidates have indicated that they will attend.

The candidates are organized into three slates. The group Education for All Children is running two candidates, both of whom are incumbents seeking to retain their seats. Parents for Change has a three-person slate, as does Parents for Progress, one of whom is an incumbent. Alphabetically, the candidates are: Sharyn l. Angley, Peter Biancamano, Lynn Danzker, Antonio Gray, Brian Murray, Frances Rhodes Kearns, Monica Stromwall, and Patricia Waiters.

The candidates’ forum will be moderated by Bob Bowdon, who has served in that role for the majority of such Coalition forums over six years. He and the Quality of Life Coalition have received favorable reviews for neutrality, even-handed and fair performance. The Coalition also conducts public forums for mayoralty and council elections, as well as on contentious ballot questions.

Helen Manogue, longtime Coordinator of the Coalition, addressed the forums success: “Over the years the forums have been viewed as an unprecedented opportunity for candidates to air their views, their concerns and their ideas for improvement so the public knows who they are and what they stand for. They do this without having to spend a penny of campaign funds. The events are also taped and replayed on Cablevision channel 78, and online. We see this as a service to the community.”

As in all previous forums, questions for the candidates will be written by the audience on index cards supplied at the door. The cards are collected and presented to a three-person panel that reviews the questions, sorts by topic, scans for clarity, and passes the selected questions on to the moderator. Each candidate is asked for a response to every selected question. One minute is allowed for a response. A time keeper alerts as to time remaining on a response and when to stop. Each candidate is given the opportunity to present a one-minute opening and one-minute closing statement.

Admission is free.”

411 Note: The forums may be billed as “successful,” but at what? Listening to the dog & pony show of phrases and sugary sound bites – only to be led down the same dreadful path election after election? What Helen Manogue SHOULD do is hold twice-a-year PERFORMANCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY FORUMS – where every single one of the current “board members” must own up to their failed promises, and why – along with who their political counterparts at city hall are. Then you’ll get a real taste of what’s happening in our so-called “school system” and lack of transparency.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014 4:08 pm

I am with you on the accountability sessions!

Thursday, October 9, 2014 1:37 pm

Why didn’t an entire slate of candidates show up? Did they have something better to do?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 11:08 am

Grade the schools and their administrators? What a silly concept. They are always right and do not need examination. How dare you doubt them.

People have short term memories and only respond to false hope. Just look at any election anywhere.

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