Pump and Dump {update}

Pump station work begins at Maxwell Place

A little update for the “poop pump” over at Maxwell Place, which began construction recently.

pumping station coming to Maxwell Place Hoboken NJ

Poop Pump construction to take at least 15 months

As you can see from the construction schedule below – they don’t expect to be finished with this project until next fall.

Wonder how this affected property values up at Maxwell Place anyway?

Maxwell Place poop pump construction schedule

Previous updates below…

Sewage pump station to disrupt luxury living in Hoboken, NJ

1/19/2015 Update:

In case you were wondering…

The proposed “wet weather pumping station” (i.e., euphemism for “shit shuffler”) is slated to be installed pretty much right beneath the windows of “luxury” apartment owners over at Maxwell Place. And “half a sniff” away from precious children left at daycare while two (or more) parents endure slave labor to care for them. Can you imagine how residents will sway their friends into visiting? “Hey come on down, the winds are to the east tonight, and it smells normal for a change!”

I will always have doubts about these pumps, despite “studies” or whatever “credible” evidence of future catastrophic events they claim to have. The mere fact that they’re trying to RUSH this crap (literally) through – is proof enough that they just want to get it over with and kick the can down the road (i.e., euphemism for “other people’s problems…”)

This is the latest construction diagram (click to enlarge). And see what “political pontification” is going on below!

Maxwell Place Pump Hoboken NJ

Letter: Crony Politics at play for “shit pump” at Maxwell Place

Maxwell Place residents are not happy – NOR are they idiots (not all of them at least). One resident sent this letter to the NJ State Department of Community Affairs a few days ago:

“Mayor Zimmer’s pet project for a wet weather pump is another back door Hudson County bullshit job.

She deceived the residents, The NJDEP and refuses to acknowledge alternatives in the North Hudson Sewage Authority’s own study. Zero public debate until the Mayor realized this City of Hoboken didn’t own the street.

Tell the Governor this project is Zimmer’s “Sewer Gate” and it’s time to shed light on this debacle along with her “Sinatra Redesign” project.

She is awarding erroneous legal and civil engineering projects left and right. This project is a horrible idea for the Hoboken waterfront to solve a flooding problem within a 3 block radius in another area of town.

PLEASE hold her accountable for an idea that has common sense alternatives. Gov. Christie has common sense and time for him to show this shit bird of a Mayor what that means.

There is a better use of Sandy Dollars for Hoboken residents than this shit pump of an idea in my front yard!”

There you go. Another reason maybe why “Don Zimmer” SHOULD resign!

Toxic sewage pump being forced on Maxwell Place residents


Earlier today, we briefly mentioned that $12,000,000 project the city wants to use property taxpayer dollars for, which involves a “wet weather pumping station” (which is actually just a euphemism for “noisy and stinky shit moving contraption.”) Well, one might suspect that some trickery, deception and dishonesty is going on at City Hall, as they’re looking to “fast track” this process along with NO public debate, no transparency, and lots of “dodging” of real issues.

Plus if this pans out – the lovely residents of Maxwell Place will have that shit-moving contraption smack dab in the middle of their high-end condo complex. But there’s more!

Maxwell Place Hoboken NJ Wet Weather Pumping Station

Why is the city “rushing” this wet weather pumping station?

“mayor” Don Zimmer and her cronies are seemingly in a huge rush to push this along, all while ignoring the concerns of residents.

  • For one, there are two kindergarten schools right on this strip, and apparently only a “Level 1” DEP Impact Study was done, so they have no idea what serious toxic concerns may be beneath the surface that could endanger the residents and kids. Completely glossing over this very important detail. Apparently this is a no-no, and can get a lot of people in hot water if handled improperly.
  • The city is pretending that an ugly, noisy pump in the center of a residential complex is the ONLY option. When in fact, Emnet (a favorite Zimmer contractor) did a study, and offered other options to achieve the same so-called result. Even one that doesn’t need any more loud, obnoxious pumps in next to a kindergarten. No mention of this from the “mayor” because she’s in bed with the wrong people, and they’re apparently telling her what to do.

We have more to come on this later – as there are also some eminent domain issues regarding a pump on Maxwell Place property. This puzzle doesn’t add up for many reasons.

Hoboken Wet Weather Pumping Station


More miraculous pumps coming in Hoboken


Politicos have been talking about what they call a grand solution to the perpetual flooding problem in Hoboken for a long, long time. Wet weather pumping stations.

And despite engineers and other project managers going on record saying that one, two, even four pumps will not prevent destructive flooding, millions of property-taxpayer dollars still find their way into these publicity-enhancing and crony-job preserving projects.

The next quality-of-life reducing pump is slated for uptown on 11th Street. This area already has a sewage processing terminal that often reeks like a frat-house bathroom, I can only imagine the warm and fuzzy feeling this area of town will have once another piece of waste apparatus gets implemented.

I can’t wait to read the cleverly-worded “CYA” press releases that come out after yet another flooding event happens despite all pumps running at full steam. A laugh a minute for sure to watch meek humans try to overcome physics and mother nature…

Wet weather pumping stations in Hoboken NJ

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joey maxim
joey maxim
Monday, March 2, 2015 3:12 pm

never mind maxwell house…the north west area is a problem..the 4th st area has been for years…pray no floods or homes ruined..been this way for 200 years

Sunday, March 1, 2015 5:51 pm

Good example of the fraud in the Zimmer administration. Her allies voted to proceed while the City is “negotiating” with Maxwell for responsibility for remediation. Mr Bhalla, complimented the Condo assoc board for having decorum. They clearly stated that this admin rams poorly thought out multimillion down the throats of the public with zero concern for the welfare of the Community-at-large. Somehow the point was not driven home strongly enough because the Maxwell house association is left holding the bag with a promise to negotiate all the while the train has already left the station.

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