Perpetual Road Work!

Planned Obsolescence the cause of Perpetual Roadwork in Hoboken?

We’ve discussed the (true) phenomenon of “Planned Obsolescence” in the past. Whether it’s light bulbs, disposable razors, politicians (not) or even something as routine as road pavement. It’s a curious fact of life that demands attention from everyone.

But the reason I bring it up – is because (and I don’t care what the political opinion is), there is ALWAYS traffic-constricting roadwork being done in Hoboken. But can that inconvenient bullshit ever cease?

Perpetual Road Work in Hoboken NJ

“Road Work” never really ceases. Why?

Currently – it’s some crap in several places – both in the SW part of town, and various spots in the middle of Hoboken. Detours, re-directs and headaches galore. Various “public agencies” can take the blame.

These “projects” are seemingly on a treadmill. To the point where there will be a section “in need of repair” in perpetuity. Forever. Till you die. And beyond. And then some…

Can’t they figure out “100 year” solutions? Like using quality (yet higher-priced) materials? I’ve said the same thing about highways in the past. If you “think” (because of your “planners”) that a 3-lane highway will suffice – throw that shit out of the window and (at the very least) DOUBLE what they “thought.” Because we’d all rather have a six-lane highway (at today’s dollars) than a 10-year “rehabilitation project” (at “tomorrow’s dollars”) any day of the week.

The sad thing is that because “politicians” lack that ability to demonstrate such a benefit to their constituents (and the constituents are too dumb to begin with) – common sense never prevails. They just keep feeding the beast (and most likely knowingly!)

Godspeed for the rest of your week, people!

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These are mostly utility projects, not city work. So complain to United Water or PSE&G. I find it humorous that many of the dame know it all son here who complain about crumbling infrastructure now complain that we are getting brand new water mains to supply the growing SW Hoboken population and new gas mains all of the city. The gas main are also a PVC type material which won’t decay or rust like the old iron ones (like the one in the Bronx that leaked and blew up a building). But hey, it inconveniences your block for a few days to get brand new utilities so who’s “entitled” now?!


Quality work would put the administration out of business. Did anyone notice the signage at 12th and Willow that covers/blocks the cross walk signal. It takes special talent to screw up something like this. Not doubt the Administration considers this an improvement.