Dog needs home

Dog needs home – why no photo?

Spotted this odd sign near Moran’s bar at 5th & Garden the other day. The otherwise well-designed sign (with good color and contrast) said “Dog Needs Home,” but just displays a cartoon silhouette of what appears to be a canine creature.

What in God’s name is wrong with showing a real photo of the dog?

Oh, I get it. If you read deeper into the brief text on the sign, the last word is: Pitbull.

It’s apparent that 99% of the people out there have negative feelings about pitbull dogs (especially after the big, bad “news” shares horror stories). But despite their bad reputation, pitbull dogs are not automatically bad animals – if raised properly. In fact, each and every dog breed has the capability to bite, injure or even kill you. Even the smallest of dogs. But pitbull dogs are the ones that get the bad rap.

Perhaps this guy didn’t have a good photo printer, or it was cheaper to get a 2 color flier made at the printer – who knows. But it sure is funny nonetheless. I can imagine some dim-witted moron from Hoboken showing up to see the dog (not reading the actual text) and acting astonished that “This dog looks nothing like the picture!”

You want a dog in your home? Give this guy a call at (201)780-6776. Perhaps you’ll find a mate for life.

Dog needs Home Union City Hoboken NJ ambiguous - Dog needs home

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