Entertainment – not “News”

News is no longer news – it’s pure entertainment {and more…}

Avoid NewsFace it. “Mainstream News” (often abbreviated as MSM – or “mainstream media”) is no longer just facts about the world around us. It’s mostly entertainment. A spectacle.

Much of it manufactured, some of it twisted, part of it tailored to invoke fear (and love for government), but for the most part complete and total bullshit you don’t need to hear about.

I’m amazed that almost 90% of it these days has a dotted line to some kind of political entity we can do without. Whether it’s “elected” officials or some other kind of special-interest group that wants their “share” of public monies, a good majority of what is published or broadcast is rubbish. Repeated day in and day out – perhaps for the sole purpose to hammer the “belief” that you are controlled by other (ordinary) human beings.

If you’re struggling with what the past three paragraphs really mean – I strongly recommend that you read Rolf Dobelli’s masterpiece called Avoid News. You can read it here for free.

In case you don’t know who Rolf Dobelli is – he published a great book in May of 2014 called The Art of Thinking Clearly. And he certainly pissed a lot of so-called “privileged” people off, because they’re trying desperately to defame him. He obviously ruffled a LOT of feathers in his attempt to “wake up” people who still have a limited set of freedom to read.

But who benefits from “news” broadcasts anyway?

For the most part, every news broadcast starts out with BAD NEWS. Murders. Corruption. Politicians. Rapists. Racial tension. La-dee-frickin-daa!

Our general belief is that “news” is meant to sway (or coddle) the opinion of the vast majority of people in a given geographical area. Typically it’s for commercial reasons (phones, trends, celebrity) or political reasons (left, right, up, down, laws, control, taxes). Then of course – also to feed your other productivity-robbing distractions like sports.

I’m sure if you could be a fly on the wall somewhere – you’d find out eventually. But dishing out “news” is in no way an altruistic endeavor. They want to make money, and they get influenced by who pays them, who gives them access and so on. They’re puppets, for the most part!

Call it entertaining – but news actually used to be FUN to watch!

The purpose of this post wasn’t purely about chiming in about our disdain for news. But rather to take you down memory lane.

For those of you who are old enough – you may remember a weather man named Lloyd Lindsay Young. He was on Channel 9 news back in the day. Along with wholesome anchor Sara Lee Kessler, I used to rush home from High School at lunch to watch his spectacle of a weather forecast. (No such thing as DVR back then…)

Young was known mostly for his big “Helllooooo’s” that he typically reserved for 100 year old birthdays and such. But he had a colorful weather forecast, didn’t try to frighten anyone with big bad words or fearful threats or sad eyes (like some ambiguously gay weather freaks on our local news channels do). He told it like it was, and in his own unique way. He was a tubby guy too, and it didn’t matter. He didn’t need makeup or fake tans to enjoy his profession.

Weather is really the only news that matters to everyone these days

When you think about it, weather is truly the only thing that really affects almost everyone. If there is a big storm coming, snow, wind, etc. – it really impacts most people. You want to know the weather so you can plan your day. What to wear. Whether to bring an umbrella. Or to leave a little early, or stay home altogether. And that is why I think having an “entertaining” forecaster is just awesome.

We don’t have that anymore. Whatsoever. Those days are over. All we have are politically-correct, coddling, “sensitive” toolbags or wretched cookie-cutter skanks as weather bobble-heads.

And have you seen the fear-mongering now in the weather forecasts? Such apocalyptic headlines include terms like “raging,” “severe,” or “erupts” or (fill in the blank here). It’s as if some kind of virus has infected the weather agencies as well (as everyone competes for attention, page views and other ego-boosting garbage).

It’s too bad that during your 30 or 60 minute “infotainment” program you can’t get either factual reporting – or at the very least – notice that their reporting is slanted (and for whom). Why can’t they at least come out and say it? Do they still think people actually respect their authority as broadcasters of facts? Ha!

Which is why you need to expand your horizons – look at all kinds of news broadcasts from around the world. Not the ideal solution overall – but you can at least see who’s taking what position and get closer to determining “cui bono?” It’s typically some kind of power-struggle between people (who are both)(usually) controlling others. Best is to find bloggers in other countries. Like Russia for instance. To get the real scoop on what’s happening.

Anyway. Looks like a little rain to start the weekend.

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Mrs. L
Mrs. L
Sunday, October 5, 2014 4:02 am

I remember Lloyd vividly. A fun way to forget the other nonsense going on. Hope he’s doing well.

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