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Elysian Superfuzz Beer: Nothing to do with Hoboken

Saw this interesting looking Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale beer from Elysian Brewing Company in the course of our travels, and picked up a six-pack wondering if there was some kind of Hoboken influence.

Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale Beer Hoboken NJ

None whatsoever.

Just like pretty much anything else with the name “Elysian” in it (like Elysian Park), it’s most likely influenced from Greek Mythology, where Elysian Fields is considered a blissful heaven-like place for righteous people chosen by the Gods. (Sort of like how politicians today think of themselves, no?)

The Elysian Brewing Company is located on the West Coast, in Seattle, Washington – and has a fairly big operation going, with several restaurants as well.

So is Elysian Superfuzz any good?

Well, we don’t really drink beer at all these days, but we did try one. And it tasted pretty much like any pale ale kind of brew. I didn’t even pick up on the “hints” of orange it’s supposed to have.

Beer Advocate gives it an 83/100 (“good”), and you can read what so-called beer aficionados say about it. Stuff like “head retention,” “nose” and “finish.”

After reading several of the reviews – I’m kind of amazed that people take the beer rating system so seriously. They judge the appearance (including how tall the suds rise!), and describe every minute detail of the imbibing experience. I guess they have a lot of time on their hands to take such an analytical approach to something as simple as drinking a beer. A beer-maker or distributor? Sure! An ordinary guy? Why?

Was it good? I suppose. It tasted like a pale ale beer. I’m not the type that would worry about how long “the citrusy hop dryness sticks around.”

Interested? You can pick up a six for about $12 at Sparrow Wine in Hoboken.

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