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As you may have noticed, Hoboken411 was “re-arranged” a bit since the last time you saw it, switching the left and right sides up a little. Made one wider, one narrower. It helps with some of the line-wrapping.

Some of the things you’re used to seeing in a particular spot are probably on the other side now… hopefully you can get used to it OK.

If you’re experiencing any odd problems, either “refresh” the page, or clear your browser cache. If you need help on how to do that, just send me an email (upper right.)

Oh, and happy birthday to my older brother!


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Not sure if anyone else is having this but I use Firefox and the left side column is so much wider now that it’s knocking the right side stuff off of my screen. 411, can you trim back that left frame a bit?


………..I’m just messing.

(It’s Friday and I’m bored)


For god’s sake people! The man needs his sleep! Leave him be!

411. Give Oscar the wheel and get some goddamn rest. We’re depending you to be sharp.